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23 Jul 2017

5 Silly Reasons Why Some People Don't Go To Church These Days

I have observed that some people no longer go to church these days due
to one silly reason or the other.

Sundays are for rest,yes but you must keep this day holy by going to
church and abstaining from certain works.

According to my observation,these are some reasons why people don't go
to Church on Sundays these days.

1.They Don't Have Offering Money

It is so right that you should give offering when you go to church but
because there is no money on you should not stop you from going.

People has formed the habit of staying at home especially on days of
donations or project sundays.This is not good at all.
Endeavour to go to church even if you don't have any money for
offering or donations.

2. They Don't Have Any New Clothes

This mostly applies to the ladies.
Ladies don't pick offence here but i am talking based on what i am seeing.

What happened to the ones you have?
Put them on and go to Church,for it is not a place of beauty pageant.
You are going there to worship your God and not to showcase your
clothes and fashion.

I remember a novel i read in secondary school 'Without A Silver Spoon'.
The boy,though i have forgotten his name,had no clothes for Church so
he wore his School white and shorts to church on sundays.

The pastor or reverend won't chase you out for not wearing new clothes.

3. A Little Rainfall

I must admit it,i am a victim of this.
Just like this morning.It was raining.My brother was preparing for
church but i was just in bed wondering whether to join him or no .
I later did and before i knew it the rain stopped.

I remember our reverend saying one day that if you don't come to
Church because of rain,it means you didn't want to come.

You can get an umbrella or if the rainfall is not what an umbrella can
handle,make sure you attend another service session that day.

4. Church Is In The Mind
This one annoys me the most.

Some people will say its not a must to go to church every sunday.When
you ask them why,they tell you that Church is in the mind.

They always claim to be better than those that sleep in the Church everyday.

4. Midnight Calls And Browsing.

Some people will just stay up throughout the night making calls and
browsing but when its time to go to church in the morning,they can't
get up again.

There is God o.

You can add yours.

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