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28 Jul 2017

"I Would Rather Live As A Free Man In Oduduwa Republic Than A Slave In Nigeria" - Fani Kayode

Former aviation minister, Chief Fem Fani Kayode has said that he would rather live a free man in Oduduwa republic than continuing to be a slave in Nigeria.

Below is a statement by Fani-Kayode made available to the public on Thursday;

"For those commentators in this forum who have never participated in or understand Nigerian politics but who tend to speak and act as if they
are the only ones that are sincere about restructuring, I have the following to say.
I hope you have learnt a lesson or two from the fact that during the constitutional review
exercise that took place in the last few days the Senate has refused to devolve power from the centre and initiate the process for genuine
restructuring in our country.

These are the hard facts, hidden obstacles and bitter realities about the struggle that some of us that are in the field have been facing and complaining about for the last 25 years!
From henceforth let it be clearly understood by all, including those that desire restructuring but who have never participated in Nigerian politics,
that we can never achieve it through the existing
constitutional structure or the National
This is because the system is rigged and
designed to protect and preserve itself and
because the core north effectively has a power
of veto in the National Assembly which it will
always exercise in order to block any form of
restructuring. It is this point that people like
Nnamdi Kanu and other ethnic nationalist leaders
came to appreciate long ago and it explains their
"hardline" posture on these issues.
The bottom line is as follows: restructuring will
not be given to us freely or on a platter of gold.
It must be taken and if necessary it must be
taken by force.
Finally, mark this: if it does not eventually come
then I say let us cease to be one nation. I would rather live as a free man in the independent Oduduwa Republic than continue to live and die as a slave in the Federal Republic of

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