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15 Jul 2017

MARY; MY HOLY HOLY GIRLFRIEND**Rated 18**(Episode 10)

“okay how much do you want?” i asked with a business tone. Her eyes instantly burned as my question hit her like a bullet.

“what?, what do you mean?” she asked with a quick stammer. I smiled and breathed deeply.

“you understand me my dear. How much do you need to get rid of that thing and let me be with my life” i said coldly. She jumped up with anger, disgust and hatred, shaking her head with disbelief as she headed to the door.

“gosh i’m so disgusted at you. How dare you utter such foul words. I see the devil has possessed your soul. Your heart is now dark and burning like hell. This isn’t the brother ken i know” she cried. I was so stunned and touched over her words, but the problem at hand was such that gave no room for emotions. I had to conceal my feelings and shut my heart.

“Mary i’m really serious. I have the money to settle you handsomely” i added as i stood up. She hissed, gave me one last look before leaving without another word. I bit my lips and locked my door. I couldn’t believe all that was happening were real. I was so desperate and anxious. The last thing i wanted was having children scattered over the country in my name or having a child with a woman i was far from loving.

The next day was a public holiday. I spent the day at home thinking and polishing my plans which were far from perfect. Chioma showed up by 12pm, helping me to prepare a delicious rice, stew and soup. Her company was what i needed that moment to calm my mind and the tension in me. But her curiousity almost got on my nerves. She was very sure that i was keeping something away from her and kept demanding to know what it was.

However i got the shock of my life by 3pm when Mary’s pastor showed up at my apartment.
“bro ken there is a serious issue at hand” he said as i opened the door for him.

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