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18 Jul 2017

MARY; MY HOLY HOLY GIRLFRIEND**Rated 18**(Episode 13)

“are you for real?” she asked with joy,
“of course i’m, can we go to my house or are you busy?” i asked.

She backed away from me, shook her head and laughed.
“of course i’ll go with you. We have a lot to discuss isn’t it so?” she asked. I nodded with a careful smile, saying nothing.

“let’s go inside. I have to change my clothes before going with you” she said sweetly,
“no i can wait here, just be fast” I replied. She blew out a kiss, turned and ran into her apartment. I calmly waited, so happy that things were going well. I prayed for the rest of my plan to be equally easy.

She soon showed up minutes later, wearing a lovely green gown with a green handbag on her left shoulder. I quickly opened the car door for her, jumped into the driver’s corner and zoomed off to a small but cute restaurant, where i ordered a delicious meal for her and a bottle of beer for myself. I truly astonished her with my behaviour and the poor girl thought it all was for real.

On getting to my apartment an hour later. I dragged her to my bedroom where i kissed her profusely. She responded without resisting, giving me the courage to push her down on my bed.

I was so weak and tired, but i had to make love to her. I had to make her feel convinced that all was well and settled between us. I showed her love, grabbed, fondled, caressed and devoured her. All i did with superb perfection, sucking her bosoms, p---y and finally slamming her with my heavy-duty joystick, which devoured and made her scream with joyful abandon as it went in and out of her hot wet ki.tty.

We f.uc.ked each other till 11pm when we fell apart breathing heavily and sweating profusely. She stared at me with eyes filled with joyful tears.

“i really prayed so much for this moment. I knew my prayers would be answered. I knew you will come back to me. I love you so much” she poured out with all her heart.

“so when do we begin planning for this baby that i’m carrying?”She asked, touching her belly.

“calm down my dear. I already have things figured out” i replied with an evil smile. She relaxed and caressed my chest happily.

“i trust you darling” she murmured, failing to understand the meaning of my words.

Having her where i wanted, the next thing was to move over to the next stage of my murderous plan.

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