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21 Jul 2017

MARY; MY HOLY HOLY GIRLFRIEND**Rated 18**(Episode 15)

Later in the evening, i thought over my plans, rehearsing every step and praying for it to work out well. Commiting a crime is never easy, no matter how small it is.

On rechecking the sleeping drugs Jboy gave me in the morning. I noticed that the small container in which the pills were stored had no label. I quickly called him on phone.

I knew how bad sleeping pills could be and so wasn’t willing to take silly chances.

“of course the pills are 95% risk free. Three tablets will be perfect for her. It disolves instantly in any liquid solution. My young cousin brought the drugs from Ireland last christmas. You have nothing to worry about moreover the chemist and i will be around the corner waiting for your signal. Just sleep tight bro, we have a long night tomorrow” he assured me strongly. I finally hung up and slept with my hopes up.

By 12noon the next day, Mary showed up at my house looking happy and excited. I couldn’t help but wonder how miserable she would be after my plans have been carried out.

We played, kissed, romanced and joked till 3:30pm when we headed to the stadium to watch a much anticipated football match. We ate no lunch, which equally was one of the sacrifices i endured. However we had a great time at the stadium, whispering sweet nothings to ourselves all through the duration of the match.

7:30pm we returned to my apartment, very tired and hungry.

“thanks sweetie for everything. I guess i have to head to the kitchen to prepare something” she said to me with a smile. I shook my head before kissing her.

“no my dear. Just relax in my room, I have another surprise for you” i whispered to her. Her eyes brightened with joy, she turned and headed to my room without another word.

I rushed to the kitchen, brought out the pills were i hid them, opened my fridge, brought out a fruit juice which i poured in a glass cup, quickly mixing the juice with three tablets of the sleeping pills just like jboy directed. I murmured some quick prayers before taking the cup of juice to her.

“where is the surprise my love?” she asked as i walked into the room. I smiled and handed the glass of juice to her.

“just drink this first my love” i smiled, winking at her. She quietly obeyed, drinking half of it in one gulp. I breathed with satisfaction.

Unknown to her, the surprise she was waiting for was in the juice she just gulped….
To be continued.

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