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22 Jul 2017

MARY; MY HOLY HOLY GIRLFRIEND**Rated 18**(Episode 16)

She calmly finished the drink, dropped the cup and flashed a smile at me.

“thanks sweetie you are so caring. I wish things will continue this way” she said happily. I breathed deeply, drew close and kissed her.

“of course it will” i murmured as we kissed. We fondled each other, kissed and joked for about fifteen minutes before she stood up, trying to head to the kitchen once again. I quickly held her.
“i have to go prepare something my love” she said, trying to free herself from my grip.

“don’t worry dear. I’m heading out to get something more yummy. Just relax sweet-heart. I’ll take my bath first, then head to the restaurant down the street” i appealed convincingly.

She shrugged, returned to my bed, grabbed the t.v control, and busied herself moving from one t.v channel to another. I smiled, undressed and headed to the bathroom, praying for my plans to work out without issues.

I spent close to ten minutes in the bathroom before coming out to see her half asleep. I sat beside her, smiling to myself. She turned, backing me as she murmured some inaudible words. I dressed up, went to the sitting room and called Jboy.
“yeah it’s about time. We will be there in ten minutes” he assured me and hung up.

Ten minutes really was a lot of time as i waited for him to show up with the man who was to give Mary the injection. I kept staring at the clock until they showed up fifteen minutes later. Wasting no time, i led them to my room where the man quickly gave two injections to Mary without any stress. Though as he gave her the second dose, she tried to turn in her sleep forcing me to hold her strongly.

“so what’s next?” i asked as we returned to the sitting room.
“just watch over her and wait” Jboy replied as he left my apartment with his chemist friend.

I really wanted them to stay with me, but couldn’t ask them for such favour. So Reluctantly, i returned to my room, uneasily awaiting the result of my deed. Such a terrible night it was. I couldn’t even sleep. I murdered my soul with a terrible crime, how could i sleep.

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