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27 Jul 2017

MARY; MY HOLY HOLY GIRLFRIEND**Rated 18**(Episode 20)

“what’s your own?” I angrily barked at the guy who punched me, closing my fists as i
bravely faced him.

He breathed angrily, charging at me. I stood my ground, displaying no fear. His right fist
soon caught my jaw, sending me backwards.

I lost balance and staggered, my jaw furiously burning.

He threw out another punch which i managed to dodge before launching at him
from the mid-section. I was no boxer nor fighter, and truly had no chance with him, if
not for my instinct which pushed me into diving at him with a quick reflex.

Together we fell on the other cellmates who were enjoying the show. Surprisingly they all
joined in the fight, kicking, punching and spitting at me, while i struggled like a wild
animal to get up. Yea i was turned into an animal. A very wild one. So pathetic fighting
with low-lives. A high class graduate like me.

The uproar the fight generated quickly drew the attention of the cops on duty, who
earlier had ignored the noise. Two cops showed up, shouting and cursing. Seconds
later, the fight was over. I was simply a mess, battered and dirty. I can’t recollect if i
actually slept that night.
Very early the next day. I was called out of the cell by a tall fulani corporal and dragged
to a very small bush at the back of the police station where a half bucket of water
and a new set of underwear was waiting for me. I was surprised.

“your woman brought it this morning and paid us to treat you fine. She dropped a
message” he said, giving me a piece of paper.
“hurry you have five minutes. Oga is waiting
for you” he said and moved back to give me a little privacy. I quickly opened the folded
paper, reading the note from Chioma.

“they said you nearly killed a girl but i don’t believe them. I gave them money to treat you well. I have to inform our colleagues at
the office this morning. I Love you” she wrote.

I fought hard to hid my tears as i read the note over and over. .

Fifteen minutes later,
A.S.P Tunde’s office

The middle aged officer was busy with a file as i was brought into his office. He quickly
dropped the file he was reading, stared at me for some seconds, drew back on his chair and folded his hands.

“MR Ken you are in real deep trouble. I hope you know you arn’t getting out of this place
in a long time?” he slowly asked. Picking his words like a high court judge delivering a
verdict. I instantly knew i was dead meat.

To be continued.

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