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28 Jul 2017

MARY; MY HOLY HOLY GIRLFRIEND**Rated 18**(Episode 21)

I couldn’t talk. I simply stared at him like a zombie. So many things were going through
my mind that moment. I just was overwhelmed by the situation i found myself.

“I hope you are ready to tell me the whole truth. Tell me about the girl you drugged to
remove her pregnancy. Start from the very begining. You have an interesting case” The
officer demanded with a calm smile on his face. I stared at him murderously.

“how could he be having so much fun over my dilemna?” i wondered miserably. I felt
like smacking him but could do nothing than to swallow my anger speechlessly.
Surprisingly my silence quickly provoked him.

“I don’t have all day boy. We already have enough evidence to nail you. I only wanted
to hear your side of the story but it seems my good intention is being rebuffed. Your
silence is a big insult to my uniform” he
suddenly barked, hitting his table with his right fist. I panicked and drew back. I just
couldn’t take control of the situation.

“you better start preparing yourself. I’ll personally make sure you hang. [email protected]
You will be heading to court in few hours”
he threatened vehemently. My mind flew.

“oga it hasn’t come to that. I’m just confused over everything. I’m yet to get
myself nor understand my crime. Your boys
hijacked me from my home yesterday evening without any explanation” i begged
quietly, but the officer wasn’t moved. All he
did was to ask the corporal to take me away, but just that moment a female
sergent brought Mary and another young
Lady into the room, giving me another chance to plead my case. This time to Mary.
“Mary! Dear me, what are you doing to me?”
I cried passionately.
She was my only hope. Yea she was behind my detention but I also was intelligent
enough to know she had the power to stop the police from taking the case further.
There wasn’t any need lying nor pretending anymore. All i wanted was just to be set free. Only a night at the police cell was an
experience more deadly than hell. I couldn’t imgaine surviving another night in there.
“Mary i Beg of you, let’s settle this at home”
I cried hopefully.

But Unfortunately the look on her face was like that of a vampire, keen on sucking

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