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29 Jul 2017

MARY; MY HOLY HOLY GIRLFRIEND**Rated 18**(Episode 22)

“Mary dear, don’t listen to him. He has to pay for what he did to you” the young lady with her broke in, messing up my pleas.

“send him back to his cell, will you” the officer quickly barked at the corporal who stared at us with confusion before dragging me out of the office.

I sat inside my cell, hopeless and extremely uncomfortable. I couldn’t breathe properly in the stinking cell nor even think clearly.

“what do i do know?, how did i get myself into this mess?” I wondered miserably. I thought of my job, thought of Chioma, thought about my life and the embarrassment awaiting me if Mary was to take the matter to court.

Tears fell from my eyes. I prayed for a miracle. I prayed for forgiveness. I just didn’t know what else to do.

Few hours later, i was dragged out of the cell and taken to the back of the police station where the officer handling my case was waiting for me. A stick of cigarette in his mouth.

“so are you now ready to cooperate?” he asked, studying me.
“i don’t understand sir. Is there a way you can help me?” i asked meekly.

“your case is a very interesting one. The evidence against you is pretty tight. Even a blind judge will convict you with it in few days. I hope you know it’s a murder case. Abortion is illegal in Nigeria” he summarized, sending my blood pressure very high with his words.

“I need help sir. Just make this case go away. I can’t start fighting a legal battle or anything. I just want everything to go away” i pleaded anxiously. He smiled with deep excitement. He finally had me where he wanted.

“tough man. You arn’t acting tough anymore. I see” he nodded.

“do you know why i brought you here?” he asked. I shook my head.
“because i want to help you. Anything we discuss here is unofficial. So can you provide a million Naira?” he asked quietly. I couldn’t believe my ears.
“one million Naira?, where on earth can i get such money?” i asked with disbelief.

“i don’t know. You have all day to think about it in your cell” he replied and walked away.
“where and how do i raise such money?” i wondered as i was led back to the cell. For unknown reasons, the officer instead of leading me through the back door, led me through the front where we had to pass through the reception desk, but i really paid no notice because i was busy thinking over my predicament. I only had four hundred and twenty five thousand naira in my bank account.

“you devil, did you actually do it? Gosh you are so disgusting” i suddenly heard Chioma’s voice scream {as i was led through the reception}. Looking up, i saw the visibly shaken girl with Jboy who tried so hard to compose himself.

I felt very bad. The little trust the poor girl had for me was gone.

To be continued.

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