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8 Jul 2017


I walked into the Pastor’s Office to meet the pastor, his wife, Mary and a church elder discussing happily.

They all smiled at me as i walked in. The pastor quickly stood up, offering his hand for a handshake.

“my heart is overjoyed. Sister Mary’s testimony really made my day. I’m so happy for you. She’s a wonderful woman. You are blessed” he said as we shook hands, while his wife and Mary nodded happily.

I was filled with rage, very angry with the pastor for not even giving me the opportunity to confirm Mary’s testimony.

Perhaps he did it with good faith, because he might have felt Mary wouldn’t have announced our relationship in the church if i never sanctioned it. I bit my lips, nodding like a drugged rat. The church elder stared at me strangely, his eyes fixed on me as if he was seeing a vision.

“i have to pray for God’s favour on you and on our dear sister, though you still will need to keep an appointment with me on saturday. There are lots of things we need to discuss, because as you know, you are not yet a full fledged member of this church” he said, smiling at me, before signalling to his wife, Mary and the elder to stand up for prayers.

After the long prayer, i hurridly left the office, leaving Mary rudely behind as i dashed for my car where my friend was waiting for me.

Jboy couldn’t help but laugh his heart out as i sadly told him all that went through in the pastor’s office.

“o boy i can’t wait to be your bestman” he laughed.

“i go smash your head. Imbecile” i barked jokingly.

Ten minutes later, I dropped him at his apartment before heading to mine. I really wasn’t in the mood for anything, not even to listen to jboy’s solution. All i wanted was just to sleep and think over my life.

I was about dozing off in the sitting room, when my door bell rang, waking me up. I cursed, scratched my head and answered the door. Of course it turned out to be no other person than Mary. She stared at me with fear in her eyes, her right hand shivered under the weight of a polythene bag she held. I stood unmoved, blocking her way with an angry stare.

She nervously watched me for some seconds, not knowing what to make of my mood.

“what’s up with you?, what’s happening?. What did i do wrong?” she asked with a frightened voice. I scoffed, drawing back a little, putting more fear into her with my behaviour. I was very determined to end everything that moment. I wasn’t scared of the consequence nor any bit scared of hurting her christian heart. All i cared for was myself and myself alone. She meant nothing to me.

“i beg of you. In God’s name, what’s happening?” she asked again. Tears quickly formed in her eyes, but i wasn’t perturbed. I was very determined and cold.


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