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11 Jul 2017


I moved on with my life the next day. My busy office schedule helped forget all about Mary and her problems.

Jboy couldn’t believe his ears after i narrated how i sent Mary away from my apartment. He was extremely pleased and according to his words ‘he wouldn’t have done any better’.

I never heard from Mary for the rest of that week and the next, which was a very welcomed development. I equally stopped attending her church and moved over to catholic church which was my true church of baptism{where i was baptized as a child}.

After laying low for a while, by keeping to myself. I started another wonderful relationship with a colleague, a very pretty damsel who was just transferred to our office from Akure.

Chioma being a professional and an experienced girl, refused to give into my too many tricks, thus making our relationship a boring but respectful one. I slowly began to grow more fond of her much to Jboy’s surprise.

Two weeks later, precisely on a sunday evening. I was relaxing in a quiet bar with Chioma, Jboy and his new girlfriend when a phone call from Mary came through. I ignored the call, frowning slightly while my mind flashed back to the memorable times i had with her.

“only if she never played that church stunt on me, perhaps we would still have been together” I reasoned.

Mary called four times which i carefully ignored. She then sent a text message which totally shattered my mind. My eyes enlarged as i read it while my hands shook.

“I’M PREGNANT. WE NEED TO TALK” were the words she sent. Very short and precise but enough to send my nerves flying.

The evil that we guys do often lives with us, but surely i wasn’t ready to live with mine.

She was the least person i wanted as the mother of my children. I was left with no choice than to act fast, by doing what exactly??

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