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24 Jul 2017

MARY;MY HOLY HOLY GIRLFRIEND**Rated 18**(Episode 17)

2:30am , I still sat awake, nervous as ever as i waited for the injections to work or for Mary to at least wake up.

I was so scared and happy. I couldn’t think properly anymore nor figure out the next step to take. I kept praying and hoping for things to work out well.

3:30am , my eyes slowly closed, my head quietly dropping as the great power of sleep and exhaustion took over my entire body.

Leaving the bulbs on, I had to change my position by lying beside Mary. Couple of minutes later, i slept off like a baby.

At exactly 5:15am, Mary’s sharp cry woke me up, instantly putting great fear into me as i sprang up from my bed. I lazily rubbed my eyes with my palms before staring at her with confusion.

“dear Lord no no no” she screamed with all her heart. Her eyes on my bed. I couldn’t help but follow her eyes which rested on nothing but on a small pool of blood which clearly glared under the florescent light in my room.

I breathed deeply with satisfaction and happiness. But i quickly hid my feelings, drew close and hugged her.

Surprisingly she pushed me angrily away as if she was aware of my crime, rushed into the bathroom and locked the door.

For some minutes, i stood confused as i thought over things. Surely i was free from her after all. The unwanted baby gone forever.

“what next?” i asked myself over and over.
She rushed out of the bathroom minutes later with my towel wrapped round her body, looking very shaken, miserable and troubled. I tried to get close to her again but it earned me a dirty slap which silenced and made me a bit angry. I left her alone and went over my sitting room.

She soon showed up in the sitting room wearing my old tight fitting jean trouser and shirt. Eyeing me, she left the apartment without another word while i went after her, begging her to stay for at least an hour. She refused to listen to my pleas nor talk to me.

She left without saying any parting words which really put me in great suspense because i couldn’t figure out what she was thinking nor had a way of knowing if she suspected any foul play.

I returned to my messed up bedroom, very scared and uncomfortable. I had no choice than to start cleaning up the mess and awaiting what fate had in stock for me.
I knew not if i will ever see her again.

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