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25 Jul 2017

MARY;MY HOLY HOLY GIRLFRIEND**Rated 18**(Episode 18)

After cleaning my bedroom and bathroom, i tried calling Mary on phone but she simply choosed to ignore my calls.

I was scared and afraid. I couldn’t eat nor do anything else other than to lie down in my sitting room, deeply thinking without any solution.

Finally by 5:30pm, I rushed over to Jboy’s apartment, briefing him on the latest development. He wasn’t a bit moved by my story.

“her behaviour isn’t out of the ordinary. Of course you weren’t expecting her to jump with joy when she found her baby was gone for real?. Well the best you can do is just to go over to her house, keep her company and make some sweet promises” he advised as if it was all easy. I shrugged and shut my mouth. It was my cross to carry and so had to carry it all alone.

I drove over to Mary’s house minutes later, but couldn’t get myself to go inside the apartment. My conscience wouldn’t allow, and kept flogging me without pity.

I sat in my car for hours without moving an inch. All i did was just to stare at the old compound, afraid and nervous.

By 7:45pm, I returned to my apartment, prepared dinner and ate hungrily, washing everything down with two bottles of cold beer. I felt a little bit relaxed after. By 10pm i went to bed.

I left for work very early the next day, pushing aside Mary’s image and everything about her. It was something that i did with a whole lot of effort. I couldn’t let my conscience to continue flogging me.

I left office with Chioma and headed to my house. She earlier had insisted on going home with me, and i had no choice than to do her bidding.


I slowly parked my car in front of my apartment, alighted with Chioma who innocently linked her third right finger with mine as we headed to the hallway leading to my flat.
“i don’t just know why i feel so happy” she murmured excitedly, while i drew back cautiously as my sensitive eyes spotted three men who were heading towards us. I quickly sensed danger, but calmed down, appearing cool.
One of them waved, urging us to stop. I obeyed fearfully. Chioma equally stopped, her eyes fixed on me.

“are you Mr. Ken?” the man who waved at us asked as they drew close. I nodded faintly.
“you are under arrest sir” he said polietly. The two men with him quickly closed in on me.

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