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26 Jul 2017

MARY,MY HOLY HOLY GIRLFRIEND**Rated 18**(Episode 19)

Before i could get myself to say something, I was dragged and thrown into a waiting police van, while Chioma pleaded to them to let me be.

It was very sickening finding myself in such terrible, bitter situation. My guilty conscience never allowed me say something reasonable. Chioma was the person who did all the talking, begging and screaming at the officers to let me be.

“for God’s sake, leave the poor man alone. I beg of you. He is a respectable gentleman. He can come to your station on his own” she pleaded as they threw me at the back of their van.

“do you wish to go with us?. That’s the only way we can help. We are simply carrying out orders” one of them said to her.

She looked at me, breathed deeply with tears melting her eyes, climbed into the back of the van and joined me. I couldn’t believe my eyes, i never knew she loved me that much.

“you shouldn’t have” i managed to murmur.

“don’t worry dear. I know you are a very innocent person. If i don’t stick with you at this moment, then where is the love. I’m your woman and it will always remain so” she said confidently. I closed my eyes and prayed for the terrible nightmare to go away.

“what if Mary is behind this outrageous police arrest?. How do i now keep things away from Chioma” i wondered miserably.
We got to the almost empty police station at exactly 6:20pm.

The lady corporal on desk quickly grabbed my I.D card which one of the officers who arrested me threw at her. She wrote down my name and some other details from it, while an ugly looking officer rudely undressed me. This time i weakly fought and resisted the cold treatment. Chioma screamed with anger.

“what the hell is going on?. I swear i will bring down this station with a team of lawyers tomorrow. This is insanity and abuse of my friend’s human rights” she barked at the police woman as i tried my possible best to avoid being undressed.

“you can do whatever you want madam. We are only carrying out instructions” she replied Chioma, quickly taking record of my belongings which were handed over to her.

Before i could argue once again, i found myself inside a poorly lit cell. Holding the iron bar, backing and ignoring the seven guys inside, i shouted at the top of my voice begging to be released. My behaviour seemed to have irritated my cellmates, because few seconds later, I felt a terrible thud at the back of my head which sent me turning to face my new enemies.

By the look on their faces i knew they were delighted and amused, ready to have fun with me. I knew a great beating awaited me, but wasn’t ready to yield without a fight.


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