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23 Jul 2017

Stop Asking God To Always Do This And That For You,Learn To Worship Him

We Christians have developed a mindset of always asking God to do this
and do that for us as if that is the only reason He exists.

No...God wants you to worship him,to adore and praise him.
The 24 elders continually cast their crowns in worship to God without asking.

Its a wrong mindset to just keep asking and asking God to do one or
two things for you.

After he does it,you ask and ask again.

If you have a friend that keeps asking and asking without appreciating
or even giving you,what would you do.

Sometimes we just need to drop asking and asking and do just
praising,worshipping and adoring.

Early today,we made a post here on Storiesmagic about ''5 Silly
Reasons Why People Don't Go To Church These Days''

Below is one of the numerous replies nairalanders dropped after i
shared it on nairaland.

''if i go to church today to pray that this coming week, i want to get
at least one employment letter from all the organizations i've sent
applications to, and say i got at least one letter like i prayed for,
believe me you would see me in church the following week to pray for
something else seeing that the good lord above is living up to his
expectation of omnipotent and the likes. But the prayer wasn't
answered, probably it wasnt the right time for me because even though
he is omnipotent, he couldnt have made it work for me anyways, so, the
prayer wasnt answered. Now imagine this trend going on week in week
out...i wouldnt be motivated to go to church i dont know if you (OP)
would. The reasons you mentioned even though silly are just so people
dont come off blasphemous so they dont appear to be politically
incorrect. People are just beginning to realize prayer fixes nothing,
you want sh!t done, you get off your @ss and do something about it
other than just wasting valuable time appealing to someone who is
probably on an eternal nap''

We still have a long way to Go.
May God help us.

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