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8 Aug 2017

Girl With Multicolored Eye In Lagos Finally Gets Professional Photo Shoot (Photos)

Recall we brought you report of the Girl with multicolored eye in mile 12 market, Lagos.

Last week,the female photographer who discovered her went back to the market to get better pictures of the Girl who sold "ugwu" with her mother at the market but was stopped by other market women who believed it was a wrong thing to do.

When her pictures hit the internet folks complained that peace might have an eye condition, and she should visit an eye clinic for check up.

Contrary to those claims, Peace has revealed that she is fine, and she doesn’t “complain” of any eye problems.

Peace has now undergone a proper photo shoot. The photographer who discovered Peace at Mile 12 market, also released a statement, read below:

Her name is Peace Samuel Omana, she is pretty and so brilliant. Some of her classmates who were available at the photo shoot described Peace as being calm, nice and a lover of Mathematics. Her school mates also said they always teased her about missing Nigeria.
Her parents are so grateful and optimistic that this would bring an end to poverty in their lives they are thankful for all the positive comments and love from everyone.

The photographer who discovered Peace, Abimbola Balogun of Revelia Photography, also spoke about Peace saying:
Transformations can happen overnight to anyone. It’s her time, she is a star. You can tell from her pictures she was born to be!

A lot of opportunities opening up for her already but I’m being careful with the sort of endorsement she allows so she doesn’t get the wrong attention.

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