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5 Aug 2017

MARY; MY HOLY HOLY GIRLFRIEND**Rated 18**(Episode 28)

I slowly drove down to the joint. A very noisy outdoor drinking spot, popular for its spacious environment and weekend live band entertainment. Jboy and i always spent some evenings there.

“o boy, see how thin you have become” jboy joked as i sat opposite him. I laughed and shrugged,
“were you expecting me to add weight in the police cell?” i joked lively.

“anyway you know i have a lot on my shoulders right now. How do you suggest i get rid of Mary?” i asked seriously.

“when you finish the second bottle of beer. We can then begin that side of talk. I’m not in a hurry” he suggested with deep humour.

“oh c’mon i’m not drinking more than a bottle so let’s get talking” i urged, while he shrugged.
“alright if you insist. You know i have been thinking about Mary’s issue for some days now. As for my advice i suggest you play along with her at least for a month. By then we would be able to steal the test results. I mean the ones with her and the copies with the police. I bet there won’t be any copy at the the hospital or laboratory she took the tests. Though we also need to investigate before concluding. Once we have all the copies you can easily ditch her without fear. She can’t go for another test because nothing will be found and even if something is found she really will have a tough case putting it on you” he explained while i stared at him deep in thought.

“i guess it’s complicated huh. It’s a long shot but that’s all i got” he concluded.

“yeah we have no choice do we?” i murmured.
His plan really was complicated with many flaws but surprisingly i equally had the same kind of plan in my mind. Just like he said, it truly was a long shot but i had the feeling that it could be done. We only had to focus and avoid mistakes.

“i hope the visit you gave her this evening went well?” he asked curiously. I nodded and smiled.

“oh yea it went very well. She’s just so gullible. I only fear her sister, she’s too uptight and suspicious”
I answered.

“yea that one. Hmmmm she hates you and it’s very obvious. I bet it could be jealousy. Mary is her younger sister you know?. But how come she isn’t married. That lady could be older than your mum” he joked.

“i don’t know but to me it’s kind of strange that two beautiful ladies like them are struggling to find a husband” i murmured seriously. Jboy breathed deeply, saying nothing.

The next day i reported to work very early. I knew i had a lot to deal with and a lot of questions to answer, moreover i couldn’t imagine the type of rumour already going round about my detention. That really was why i showed up at work before everyone else in order to settle down and makeup a story.

Chioma equally was another reason i reported early for work that very day. I was yet to talk to her after she unceremoniously left me at the police station. I desperately wanted to talk to her but was too ashamed to meet her. She was the only girl i cared for but i just couldn’t bring myself to look her in the eye.

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