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9 Aug 2017

MARY; MY HOLY HOLY GIRLFRIEND**Rated 18**(Episode 29)

Minutes later i heard Chioma’s voice in the hallway. I breathed deeply, waited for some minutes before going over to her office.

An office she shared with an elderly Bini woman.

Luckily she was alone when i walked in, scribbling something down in a notebook her back turned towards me. I slowly drew close and coughed. She quickly turned and faced me with a slightly drawn face.

“my love” i breathed with deep passion wrapped with love. I trembled as i stared at her, my lips quivering with profound uneasiness.

She wasn’t just an ordinary lady to me. I was so much in love with her.

Her eyes melted as she stared at me. Her slightly drawn face slowly eased up, colouring deeply.

“you jerk” she cursed, breathing deeply as if she was struggling to breathe. I drew close and tried to hold her but she quickly backed away.

“it was just a little misunderstanding. The case has been closed” i tried to explain nervously.
“but did you commit the crime, did you do it?” She asked seriously. I couldn’t answer.
Chioma was just a simple decent girl who never believed in hurting people. The trust she had in me was already gone but i felt admitting my crime to her will kill the remaining respect she had for me. Moreover it wasn’t just an ordinary crime. It was an abominable thing that i did. An abortion, a forcefully induced one.

“How could i admit it and still have her back?” i wondered.
“i want nothing but the truth. I need to hear the whole story. I can’t believe i have been blind all along” she said, breaking my spirit more.

“can’t we forget about this and move on?. You know how serious our relationship is. We have our plans or have you forgotten?” i pleaded with utter despair. She shook her head and blocked her ears with her hands.
“i don’t care. I’m not desperate to get married. I’m still young for this shi.t. I’m not the kind of girl who will step on another lady’s toe just to get married. I see you arn’t willing to tell me anything so just forget about us” she screamed and ran out of the office leaving me all alone.
I wanted her badly, but i couldn’t get myself to tell her the truth. Confessing my atrocity was one thing and revealing my plans to her another. I couldn’t do one without revealing the other and She wasn’t just the kind of girl i could divulge my plans to. She was way too decent to understand.

To be continued.

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