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1 Aug 2017

MARY,MY HOLY HOLY GIRLFRIEND**Rated 18**(Episode 25)

Jboy showed up moments later with a smile on his face.
“the case has been closed, but the A.S.P wants to see you” he said happily.

I breathed deeply, so happy and relieved. I quickly stood up and shook his hand.

“Thank’s for everything” i said with deep happiness. Mary’s sister showed up that moment with her usual cold look.

“i guess you are happy huh?. You still have God’s wrath to face. I’m leaving” she said with a dry hiss and turned to leave. I gently approached her. A mark of remorse on my face.

“i’ll come over to see Mary as soon as i leave this place. I have to atone for my sins. Thank you for setting me free” i poured out like an innocent child. She eyed me, breathed deeply and left the room.

“good show bro. Now let’s go see the officer” Jboy said with a happy smile. I nodded and followed him to the A.s.p’s office. The level of my happiness that moment was clearly enormous.

“sit down gentlemen” A.s.p Tunde murmured seriously as we walked into his office. His mood dark and heavy. I couldn’t imagine what was wrong with him.

“i hope you are not thinking of leaving here today?” he asked me curiously. I stared back at him, unable to say anything. Jboy was equally as surprised as i was.

“it’s glad to know that you have finally convinced your girlfriend to drop the case. But remember i still have the test results and as an officer of the law i have every right to carry on with the case, even if Mary objects. The crime you commited wasn’t only against Mary but against the state. Abortion is illegal and often treated as a murder case. So my friend you know what you are up to” the annoying officer addressed us intelligently. I felt like exploding. I was extremely fed up.

“oh gracious me!. C’mon officer this is so unfair. Why are you doing this?” jboy shouted angrily. The officer merely scoffed and said nothing.

“you are not a foreigner. You know how we close cases in Nigeria. Enough of the grammer” he said with his eyes on me. Jboy quietly sat down as he realised were the officer was going.

“ok sir please help us” i pleaded desperately.
“i once asked for a million, but as it is now just get me two hundred thousand” he said, his greedy eyes still on me. I instantly knelt down, surprising him with my action.

“i’m diabetic sir. I won’t survive another night in here. Last night i merely survived a crisis. I badly need to see my doctor. Please ask for something reasonable” i begged without shame while Jboy speechlessly gasped at me.

The officer thought for a while before shrugging.
“alright get me a hundred thousand. A bank is across the street. I hope you have an ATM?” he demanded, throwing a look at Jboy who quickly sprang up.
An hour later, i was in Jboy’s car heading back to my apartment,
finally free, but not entirely free. I still had Mary to deal with. I had chioma to win back.

To be continued.[

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