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5 Aug 2017 The Most Reliable Bitcoin Dealer On The Internet is tested and trusted when it comes to exchanging E-currencies.

TruexGold is always at your beck and call when you need to exchange
your E-currencies like Bitcoin,Perfect money,Payneer etc for real cash
or trading your real cash for E-currency.

I will show you how you can safely trade Bitcoin with
without any troubles at all.

The reason why most people are afraid of dealing with online
E-currency exchangers is for the fear of being scammed and that is why is here to help you achieve your dreams,which means you
can trade with them without any fear because they have got all it
takes to give you the best.

By now,i believe the word "bitcoin" is no longer new to your ears.

Incase you don't know the meaning of Bitcoin,i will explain it to you
clearly but first of all,this is how Wikipedia defined Bitcoin.

Wikipedia says "Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital
payment system invented by an unknown
programmer, or a group of
programmers, under the name Satoshi Nakamoto.
It was released as open- source software in 2009.

Bitcoin has come to stay.As of February 2015, over
100,000 merchants and
vendors accepted bitcoin as payment.

According to research produced by Cambridge University in 2017, there
are 2.9 to 5.8
million unique users using a
cryptocurrency wallet, most of them using bitcoin.

One of the frequently asked question about Bitcoin is this
"Why is Everyone going for Bitcoin?"

Well,the answer is very simple,
although not everyone is
'going' for Bitcoin but those
that deal with it knows exactly what they are getting,and trust
me,it's something you certainly wouldn't want to forgo.

Some buy bitcoins and use it for online payments since it's cheaper
and easier that way while others see it as an investment;a very big

Bitcoins are stored in digital wallet in your computer/phone or in the cloud.

My dear,Bitcoin is a very big treasure.
You must have heard of people that bought plots of land and built
houses with bitcoin,haven't you?
They are not fairytales.

Because of this,many people came out to claim they deal with Bitcoin
only to dupe people but thank God most of them has met their waterloo. is a registered dealer of bitcoin in Nigeria.
With your Bitcoin trading is easy because it's done with
Naira.You won't have to bother with mastercards and the rest of them.

With a Selling and Buying rate of N380 and N330 respectively,TruexGold
boasts of best rates among others.

How to buy or Sell Bitcoin on

1. Sign up on the website.

2. Place an order of the
amount you want to

3. Follow the instructions given afterwards(depends on if you are
buying or selling).

4. Once completed you
will be credited on your
bank account or bitcoin

Note: Be sure to have created a bitcoin wallet.

Contact TruexGold

WHATSAPP: 08022589434

HOTLINE: 08183270403

See You At The Top!

Please you can drop your questions if you have any.


  1. OK o.
    I will register with them and buy small from them.
    If they do well,I will automatically start buying from them

  2. Admin please I need your help here.
    I am interested but how can I pay the money if I want to buy bitcoin from their website?

  3. I hope they are as trusted as you say...i will try them

  4. Sorry for the late reply
    @Dubem when you register through the above link,you will see how to pay.
    it's easy.

    @Remmy, they are more than trusted

  5. So can i transfer from my bank account to buy the bitcoin?

  6. Can I pay for the bitcoin by bank deposit?

  7. Admin..i hope this is not Another MMM?

  8. so I can use bit coin to pay online bills?

  9. I am afraid of dealing with
    people online.
    once bitten twice shy

  10. What is the minimum amount of bit coin they can buy because I wants to sell small

  11. @Cyril and @David,yes you can definitely pay through bank deposit and transfer.
    It is more than easy.When you get to their website,everything is explained there.Hope you guys understand.

    Please o,those talking about MMM,TruexGold is no a peer to peer program.
    TruexGold will not ask you to give any money to anybody so that you will receive money too in return.No.

    Bitcoins can be used to pay online bills.
    Some web hosting companies now accept bitcoins as payment means.

    @Edu,just visit or call the number i dropped below the post.You will be clarified more.

  12. ok since you have said they are trusted I will soon contact them.
    And by the way you have not finished the romance story you are posting for us.
    Abeg post it

  13. I didnt see where to register.i am only seeing exchange rates

  14. I need people that are doing discount on their rates.

    330naira is OK but if it's somehow better than that,i would have said let me start using them because for now there are people am buying from.

  15. David please you will see a menu symbol at the top of the site.
    Click on it and you will see register.

    Or better still,please follow this link below

    I hope this helps.

    @Oga Remmy,don't worry the romance story will continue soon.

    Wayne,what if you see people that offer a very tempting rate and you deal with them and they eat your money and tell you stories? You wont beat them and you cant do anything.

    One thing about truexgold is that they are reliable and even have an you can meet them even in person.They are good bro

  16. Igwezwe Pual, it's often said that what one don't eat, he doesn't divide with his mouth.
    I have seen that they are good that is why I am recommending them

  17. I have account with them they are trustworthy

  18. Hi buddies, it is great written piece entirely defined, continue the good work constantly. place an order

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