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14 Oct 2017

Chinese Museum Removes Pictures Comparing Black People To Wild Animals(Photos)

A museum in central China has removed some of the pictures in an exhibition after complaints that the display was racist.

The 'This Is Africa' exhibit at the state Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan, included photographs of animals and people  framed next to each other
displaying similar expressions.

One pair included a young boy and a howling chimpanzee, each
photographed with their mouths both opened.

Curator Wang Yuejun told AFP: "To show our goodwill and sincerity, we have replaced the photos that our
African friends find shocking."

The curator explained that Chinese photographer Yu Huiping was simply
trying to "show the harmony between man and animal in Africa".

The photography exhibit is expected to end this week.

Chinese state media reported that so far, more than 170,000 people had visited
the exhibit, which went up during last week's national holiday.

A curator at the exhibition, Wang
Yuejun, said the decision to hang the photos of people and animals together
was his own idea, and not that of Yu.

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