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3 Oct 2017

Have You Watched "The gods Must Be Crazy" The Main Actor Was Paid Just $300 ...Too Bad(See Why)

I believe you have watched the movie, The gods must be crazy.
A hilarious and entertaining movie.

Do you know that the main actor of that classic movie received just $300 although the movie made over $60M?

Now you know?

Born in Tsumkwe region of Namibia, N!xau Toma was a bush farmer who shot to worldwide fame after he appeared in the lead role of the 1980 comedy film The Gods Must Be Crazy. N!xau portrayed an earnest Bushman with a sheepish smile who discovers a Coca-Cola bottle thrown out of an airplane, and seeing it as an alien thing, he sets off into a comedy of errors. The film in fact made over $60 million, but the lead actor N!xau Toma was only paid $300.

According to Jamie Uys , the South African director of the film who discovered the actor, N!xau at first did not know the value of paper money, and he let his first $300 wages blow away.

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