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9 Oct 2017

I Must Find Out The Cause Of Tagbo's Death, Kemi OlunloyoPromises As She Reveals More Secrets

Kemi Olunloyo took to social media to say she will get to the root of Tagbo's death.
Tagbo was Davido's friend and was dating Caroline
Danjuma before his sudden death. Kemi says
Nigerians hate investigative journalism and it's one of the reasons the government locked her up.
She however promised not to quit what she thirsts for the most by also going out to get to
the root of how Tagbo died.
Indeed, his family
will be grateful. She wrote;
#HNNInvestigates #HNNTagbo
The last may not have been heard of the death of Tagbo Umeike. Tagbo DIED on his birthday.
On the 2nd of October, 2017, according to Asa Asika, who is Davido’s manager and owner of
Shisha lounge, Tagbo came to the bar.
According to friends of Tagbo, he went to Shisha Lounge to meet up with Davido and the
rest of the crew who arrived some time later.
Available is the footage of Tagbo partying with Davido, Dammy Krane, Elejo and others. It was
Tagbo’s birthday on the 3rd of October 2017.
After a round of drinks, the group decided to go with Davido to Oniru beach where an event was
happening. There is CCTV footage of the group at the car park of the Shisha lounge around 12:18am. Tagbo could be seen staggering and
to be amongst those leaving with Davido.
At some point in the car park, Davido and some other men were attempting to get Tagbo into Davido’s vehicle, Tagbo seemed to be resisting.
According to Asa Asika, two men took Tagbo to his car (Tagbo’s own car) – there is however, no evidence of this.
The footage shows two cars (a Mercedes Benz and a Lexus) allegedly belonging to Davido
driving out of the car park at 12:29a.m.
According to Staff at General Hospital, Broad Street, Lagos Island and hospital CCTV footage which has been recovered by the police, two
men with face caps came into the hospital reception at about 5:40 a.m. to seek medical
attention for someone they had in the car.
They were told to register the person. They were told to provide a means of identification
for the person, which they went back to the vehicle to produce. The identification produced
was that of Tagbo Umeike. During the period, a nurse went with the boys to the car to get
On getting to the vehicle where he was laid on the back seat, the nurse suspected he was
already dead and called for a doctor who confirmed this. Following the declaration, the
two men were obviously distraught. In a bid to
get contact details from the men, they made
excuses and disappeared.
It is unclear who Tagbo eventually left the
lounge with. It is unclear who these men who
dropped Tagbo at the hospital are.
It is yet to be determined what happened
between the hours of 12:28a.m when they left
Shisha Lounge and 5:40a.m on the 3rd of
October, 2017 when they brought him in his car
to the hospital.
The IGP and the Lagos State Commissioner of
Police are fully involved in the case. Davido and
some other men including Asa have been
interrogated by the Police. An autopsy has been
scheduled for the 9th of October, 2017 while
investigations are still on-going but the question
remains: What happened to Tagbo Umeike?
I will have the CORRECT details for you as I get
it. I am fully in this investigation and this is the
investigate journalism Nigerians hate me for
and the government locked me up for. Let
journalists do their jobs. What or who killed
Tagbo? Click #HNNTagbo to read my updates.
Call me on WhatsApp or text me if you are a
witness. 08131944599. I have begged Adeleke
to please talk to me. No response. Do not trust
any mainstream newspaper Davido. They will
cause your FALL. Speak to a credible journalist
like me--Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo #MadamKOO
News Director @HNNAfricaon Twitter, Facebook
and Instagram.

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