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9 Oct 2017

IPOB Orders "Sit At Home" To Boycott AnambraGubernatorial polls

The proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra has insisted that forthcoming governorship election in Anambra will not hold.
The group has ordered its members and other freedom fighters in the area to stay at home on voting day November 18.
The group’s publicity secretary Emma Powerful said the voting was a test case for IPOB and its
allies in Biafra territory and that boycotting would send a statement to the international
commmunity about the seriousness of the agitation for Biafra.
The body maintained that it must teach corrupt
Igbo politicians that money cannot buy IPOB as they are special breed untainted by the corrupt tendencies of Nigerian politics.
“Every genuine Biafran desiring of freedom for Biafra from this Islamic bondage of Hausa
Fulani caliphate called Nigeria, must not only stay at home on that day, but must also make
sure those around them do not vote. November 18, 2017 is a date with history,” he said in a
statement in Awka, Anambra.
“If we Biafrans succeed in demonstrating before international observers that we are serious about our freedom by locking down
Anambra State on that day, the world will be in no doubt that Biafra is unstoppable.
“Locking down Anambra State will pave the way for IPOB to announce a date for substantive
referendum later next year with or without the approval of Nigeria.
“Events in Catalonia and Kurdistan have pointed the way forward for we Biafrans because it was clearly demonstrated by both nations that we
can call for and conduct our referendum with or without the cooperation of Nigeria.
Powerful added, “Election boycott is the only legitimate tool left in the hands of we
oppressed people to register our displeasure with the ongoing genocide in our land, arbitrary
arrests, torture and reign of saboteurs in government houses across Biafraland. If we
vote, Nigeria will never again take Biafra agitation serious.
The whole world is watching to see how serious
we are towards the realisation of this great
nation of Biafra. The successful boycott of the
election come November 18 will prove to the
entire world how determined we are towards
having our own new nation where all men will
be equal before the law.
“For the sake of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
who was abducted and presumably murdered by
the Hausa-Fulani rulers of Nigeria and their co-
conspirators in Igboland, especially Igbo
governors and Ohaneze leadership, we must as
a people boycott the elections.
“For the sake of the blood of our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters murdered in cold
by Buhari, Buratai, Willy Obiano and Okezie we must boycott the elections. For the sake of our
hope and collective aspiration as a people unfulfilled and down trodden in Nigeria, we must
boycott this every other election in Nigeria.
“The Nigerian government, Igbo governors and certain sections of Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership
have been pouring billions of Naira into a well prepared media propaganda to try and tarnish
the clean image of IPOB and that of our leader with no success.
“Every lie and fabrication have been cleverly
deployed by these conspirators through their
well paid and compromised media houses to
sell fear and anarchy to the people of Anambra
State. The truth remains that corrupt Igbo
politicians want to destroy IPOB by all means
because they know we represent the people
and will never take money from Abuja to
compromise the struggle as they have all done.
“They were the people that begged Buratai to bring his Islamic army into our land to kill our brothers and sisters because they value the crumbs they are getting from Abuja over our
well-being as a people.

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