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16 Oct 2017

Kenya Elections: You Don't Have To Vote On October 26, Uhuru Tells NASA Suporters

President Uhuru Kenyatta on
Monday said NASA supporters
can opt not to participate in
the repeat presidential
election scheduled for October 26.

Uhuru told Kitui residents said it is the constitutional right of NASA
supporters not to vote as long as they do not block those willing to
participate in the election.

"It is not a must for them to
vote. We have so many
Kenyans who do not have IDs
and that has not stopped an
election from happening."

"Let them not block those
willing to do so," Uhuru said
when he led campaigns in the region perceived to be pro- NASA. The
president said Jubilee Party is more than ready to participate in the
fresh election. He said this will be to prove
that they were denied their
outright win following the
Supreme Court decision to
nullify the August election. Uhuru chided Opposition
supporters for crippling the
economy further saying they
can choose to stop working
and see if Raila Odinga will
put food on their table.

"You are free to roam in the
town for as long as you wish.
But at the end of the day, you
will be accountable to your
families whether Baba will
put food on the table." NASA leaders have
maintained they will only
participate in the election if
their irreducible minimums
are met by IEBC. Raila Odinga earlier said the
coalition put forward the
demands after IEBC defied a
court order to open their
servers for verification.

On accusations of his
administration turning a blind eye on police brutality in
NASA demos, Uhuru said the
government has a
responsibility to secure the property of those not taking
part in the demos. He said NASA members have
a constitutional right to
peacefully assemble, picket
and demonstrate but will not
be allowed to disrupt other
people's businesses

"We will take firm action,
within the law, against those
taking advantage of the
demos to loot, injure and rob
innocent Kenyans going on
with their daily hustles," he said.

Source:Kenya Star

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