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14 Oct 2017



Nsinke Esienudo (NE) is a vibrant lady full of life whenever you come across her, she is the CEO of Inbuilt International Concepts a company she took over from her father, rebranded and diversify.  She is a graduate of architecture from the prestigious university of Uyo
Today, Caliphate Media (CM) decided to celebrate and interview her as she celebrates her birthday and also shares her journey to building the Inbuilt brand.  Below is an excerpt of the interview.

CM: You are the CEO of Inbuilt International Concept, tells us about it

NE: Inbuilt is an architectural firm that handles designs and construction of building , land survey, exterior & interior decoration and complete landscaping. The company has recently diversified into agro-business.

CM: What inspires you into dabbling in male dominated business?

NE: Iam one person that loves challenging task and even as a child I used to take up task people regards as very tasking. Iam a strong believer of the saying that ‘’what a man can do, a woman can do even better.’’ The urge to do the impossible has been the driven force and I had a father who sowed into from childhood.

CM: How do you get jobs because this area of business requires connection and godfatherism?

NE: Sincerely I have no godfather except God almighty; the company has been sustained by our records and past quality jobs that has been delivered to our clients.

CM: What lead you into starting Inbuilt?

NE: I come from a business predominantly family; my father was a businessman who specialized on building construction and sales of building materials. I was always introduced by my dad to his stream of clients as the next CEO of his business entity. His company then was Obessdo Venture, I did not like the name then as I saw it not to be marketable, so when I took over the management of the company, I decided to rebrand it and change the name to INBUILT.

CM: What was it like during the transition phase?

NE: It was not tasking at all because my father had already lead the foundation, so I just had to start from where he stopped. The staff and board of directors had already known me and they had great confident in me.


CM: What impact have you had on the business and what makes the business more distinctive now?

NE: The business was mostly dealing on building materials and building construction but since I came on board I have introduced architectural design, interior& exterior decoration, landscaping and land surveying. As I had said earlier, I have been able to diversify the company into agro-enterprise covering fishery and poultry.  Inbuilt farm a division of Inbuilt International currently has fishery farm of 5,000 stocking capacity and broilers poultry farm of 3,000 stocking capacity.

 CM: What qualifies you and the company to be involved in these fields that are highly regulated?

NE: Iam an architect by profession, other areas are handled by staffs that are professionals in those fields.

CM: What is your biggest challenge?

NE: Understanding male client desires and the incessant rise in the cost of building materials are some of the challenges we have to battle with if we must stay afloat in business.

CM: What inspires you into diversifying into agro-enterprise away from your core area of competency?

NE: I love farming and my desire to meet another of human basic need which is food. Man needs food before thinking of shelter; let me state it here that Inbuilt is in the business of meeting basic human needs.

CM: How have you been funding the business knowing that banks in Nigeria rarely give out loan?

NE: Backward integration of profit from the business. The agro enterprise was fund solely from the parent company without a single kobo from any financial institution or government.

CM: Has there ever been a time you felt like throwing in the towel and seeking for employment elsewhere?

NE: I have never thought of that even in the midst of recession. I have a lot to offer and iam still building Inbuilt because I have my eyes on a certain destination.

CM: Readers are leaders, what are your best business books that you have read?

NE: The holy bible remains the best book for any entrepreneur as you will find answers to all questions in it, I read it every day. I have also read the Mafia Manager.

CM: Tell us about your role model

NE: My role model was my late dad, he was an honest man and he strives to build a business that will stand the test of time.

CM: Is there any business you currently look up to for inspiration

NE: The success story of Idems Ultimate is one that inspires me greatly and I look forward to getting to that height.

CM: Where do you see Inbuilt International in the next 5-10 years?

NE: I wish to open up branches in other states of the country and go international to depict the name.

CM: Any succession Plan on the table?

NE: Iam currently grooming my younger brother with the hope that he will take over from me after my retirement.

CM: What is your advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs?

NE: They should stay focus in whatever they have set their mind on, have record book for your business and finally trust in God.


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