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5 Oct 2017

Photo Of The Day:This Is The America That Our Nigerians Over There Will Hide From You

This Nigerian man was spotted by a Nigerian in America- Abang Mercy.
And she says she gets to see him everyday.

She wrote;
Somewhere in #manhattan ... This is the
#America the media will likely not show you..
No doubt the us is a land of opportunities for many but in the heart of #NewYork, this is what
the United States means to this man.. Here's
another angle, his birthday is questionable though, because that sign post is always same
everyday I walk pass him from work.. No matter
the claims, he needs shelter, and he is homeless in need of help... Here's an
underreported everyday #American story..
#NYC #manhathan #Hunananglestory
#Digitalstorytelling #Journalist
#Lifeofajournalist #everydayamerica #newyork
#newyorker #Homelessman

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