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18 Dec 2017

Slay Queen Vows To Sleep With People’s Boyfriends Cos She Lost Her BF To Another Slay Mama

Abeg these so called Slay Queens will not stop disturbing us with one problem or the other biko, we have too much problem in this country to accord our ears than slay queens snatching boyfriends here and there.

Anyway, my job is to write and write I will. This Slay Queen with Facebook ID, Funmi Adisa, has decided to vent her anger on other people’s boyfriends after she lost her boyfriend to a fellow Slay Queen.

According to her, she’s ready to do anything to get any man she wants now, and here’s a ‘memo’ of her warning; ladies, she means - including husbands and warned
She wrote;

“Listen up ! I was ones in-love Wiv the nigga I luved and some slay mama came in wiv der hoes life & d stupid bf allowed der shit🙄🙄🙄🙄. Listen very well Slay Mama if you c me with your bf I don’t give a f–k.. Am ready to date anyone dateable and f–k anyone f–kable e fit be your guy oh shotiyee😊”

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