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17 Jan 2018

2019 Election: How to Obtain Your Permanent Voters Card and Check Your Voters Registration Status

The independent national electoral commission has made it easy for Nigerians to obtain their PVC ahead of 2019 presidential election.

In a bid for Nigerian voters to obtain permanent voter’s cards and check their voters’ registration
status, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has made it easy as they
outlined two steps towards obtaining the PVC’s.

The first step is for the qualified Nigerian who had
not registered before to do so in the Continuous Voters Registration, Phase 2 currently going on in
selected states, including the FCT from 9 a.m-3
p.m Mondays to Saturdays.

According to Premium Times, voters registration centres in one’s area can be located online by

The link lists registration centres in 12 states.

These are Anambra, Sokoto, Oyo, Ondo, Kwara, Jigawa, FCT, Ebonyi, Delta, Cross River and
Bauchi. By clicking open any of the states in the link, the interested Nigerians can download the
information for the registration centres.

Each state provides information on the local government areas for registration and the different
registration centres under each local government.

Step two is for those who are not sure of their registration status.
To confirm if one had registered or not, one could
visit: and follow the instructions on the site.

The link will lead to a voters registration verification platform where one would have to fill a
form to check one’s status. The form will require
the person’s state of residence, surname and Voters Identification Number, VIN.

In the case where the individual forgets his or her
VIN, there is an option to use the day, month, and year of registration to verify one’s status.

Although the link provides information for only 12
states, the Chief Press Secretary to the Chairman of INEC, Rotimi oyekanmi, said the continuous
registration process is going on in the 36 states.

He also stated that aside local government headquarters, INEC has created other registration
centres. “Yes, registration is going on in all the 36
states on a truly continuous basis,” he said.

“Apart from the LGA headquarters, we have created other registration centres in our bid to create more
access,” he said on Wednesday.

The commission also stated that its Citizens Contact Centre is functional, and can be reached
on 0700 2255 4632 for questions or enquiries.

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