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14 Jan 2018

Curvy Nigerian Actress Reveals What She Would Do To Her Man if He Doesn't 'Perform Well In Bed'

Nigerian curvy actress,Praise Sam Oga has revealed what she would do
with her man if he doesn't perform well in bed.

It's no news that women
usually cheat on their partners if they are not good in bed or have
little or nothing down
there to work with. But this
curvy lady Praise Sam Ogan disagrees.

In a chat with Potpourri, she
explained in insightful details,
reasons why she will never
dump a man she is crazy in
love with all because she
desires a partner with horse power in bed.

"That is nothing now! There
are so many ways to work on
that; I can't leave a man I love abecause he doesn't last in bed. For
the fact that I lovehim we will work on it; the world has gone past
that. It's just like asking a man to
leave a woman because she
cannot cook; what happened
to teaching her, or getting a
private cook to coach her
indoors? Love is a beautiful thing, little things like this got
nothing on them", she said.

Speaking further, she
confessed that she would only leave a man who can't satisfy her in bed
if he is proud and not ready to learn. "It's no lie, I have been in
a relationship before and I
helped my man; I can never
leave a man for such reason,
except he has got pride and
refuses to be helped, then I'll leave him to his faith", she

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