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30 Jan 2018

ECHOES OF THE PAST (Season 1,Episode 5)

Gavin was lost on what to do or say but Beryl's
voice brought him back to reality.
''Hello, Are you there?'' She asked after seconds of

''Hum… Yea,'' He stuttered.
''Any problem, did my calling you disturb anything?''
she asked.

Gavin laughed a bit, ''No, not at all,'' he replied.
Within a spilt of second, it seemed he was lost in
her world as he completely forgot he was supposed
to act official.
''I apologise on behalf of my attitude,'' Beryl apologised. One could tell from the way she
sounded that she was drooling.
Gavin laughed romantically, ''Wow! Your attitude is
now human, right?''

''Yea, one hell of a being. The worst part of me,''
Beryl said and laughed softly.
''Wow! Would you mind telling me the reason behind the bad attitude?" Gavin asked, trying to start
up a conversation as he lay on the bed, facing the

''Is it really that bad?'' Beryl replied with a question.
''Yea, worse, if there's anything like worse attitude.''
Beryl sighed deeply without saying a word.
''Would you mind telling me about it?" Gavin asked
''Come on Mr. that's my private life you're trying to
pry into.''
''I'm sorry,'' Gavin apologised and sat up. ''You
called, why?''

''Are you kidding me?'' Beryl was surprised. ''You
dropped your card before leaving. Gosh! You're a
real drama king.''

''And you're more than a drama queen,'' Gavin gave
a chuckle of delight. ''Guess I was able to tame the
''I doubt that young man. Don't be too overjoyed
coz I am like a chameleon.''
Beryl smiled to herself. ''Let's talk about the reason
why you came to my office.''
''Can we talk it over at dinner?" he asked in a
pleading tone as he heard his mom call out his
name from the sitting room.

"Why?'' Beryl demanded.
''Please,'' Gavin pleaded, praying hard she says yes
but Beryl refused to reply. ''I'll text you the
address,'' he smiled winningly and ended the call
without waiting for her reply, then threw the phone
on the bed and rushed out of the room to meet his
Meanwhile, in Beryl's office, she kept on staring at
the phone after the call had ended. She found it difficult to believe Gavin had the nerves to ask her
out for dinner just the same day he met her. The
one and only thought that crossed her mind as at
that moment was ''This guy is practically insane but
I think I'm beginning to like him…''
Gavin rushed downstairs just as his mother was
about calling him again.
''You haven't changed up,'' the mother fused as he
moved and sat beside her. ''What were you doing in
the room?''
''I got an important business call, mom,'' Gavin
smiled broadly as he remembered Beryl's angelic
''An important call?'' his mother asked with her eyes glued on his face. It was obvious she suspected
something fishy. ''What was the call about?''
''Mom!'' Gavin called.

''Why are you so inquisitive?''
''You told me you're not going to the office today,
so what was the call all about?'' the mother asked
again, ignoring his question.
''Mom please, let go. You called me?''
The mother looked at him unconvincingly but
decided to let go. ''Go change and come back.''
''I'm okay mom. I'll be going out again soon,'' he
said, wondering why his mother was gazing at him
like one who she suspected is about to do something bad. ''Mom, why the long stare?''
Again the mother ignored him and stood up. ''Have
a chat with her,'' she said and turned to Ethel, ''He
will keep you company my dear.''
''Alright ma,'' Ethel smiled with pleasure. Mrs Laura
looked at Gavin again suspiciously before she turned and walked towards the stairs.

Gavin waited till his mom was out of sight before
turning to face Ethel who was smiling seductively.

She was dressed in a red and white long sleeve
shirt that exposed a greater part of her cleavage and
a short black skirt with red stiletto heels and black designer handbag to match. She also wore a heavy
makeup as well which made her look like a black
African dog coz she was dark. He took his time to
study her before cleared his throat and spoke up.
''Hi!'' he began.

''Hi, you look so cute and charming,'' Ethel
''Wow!'' Gavin blushed. ''Thanks.''
''My pleasure handsome.''
''So, what's up with you and my mom?" he asked,
hoping to get a positive answer.
''She is in a better position to tell you that.''
''Really! Is that why you're dressed like a slut?''
Ethel felt embarrassed beyond words. ''I might be friendly but I don't take shits, Mr Gavin. How dare
you?'' She fired angrily.
Gavin swallowed hard. ''I'm sorry,'' he apologised.
Ethel hissed loudly and stood up, ''Save it.''
Gavin stood up as well, ''Upset?'' he asked but Ethel
ignored him and picked up her handbag that was on
the glass centre table, then walked to the door.

''Come on girl, I said I'm sorry,'' he apologised
again but Ethel opened the door, walked out and
slammed the door behind her.
Gavin knew better than to go after her. He had
heard of angry girls beating a guy to a pulp and he didn't want to be a victim, so he just turned and
headed back upstairs. On getting to his room, he
was more than shocked to find his mom standing
by the window with a phone in her hand. He moved
closer only to find out that his mom was making
call with his phone. He waited patiently for her to
end the call before speaking up.
''Mom, any problem? Why making call with my

''Who is Beryl?" his mom asked. A questioned that
left him dumbfounded and speechless. ''Since when
did she start asking him questions about who calls
him or who he calls? Something isn't right…

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