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27 Jan 2018


Episode 10

Claire stepped out of her car and made for the elevator. She was wearing a white chiffon top and a penciled jean. She completed her outfit with a white booty snicker and a silver purse. Her make up was on point as usual. She gently carried the lunch box where she'd parked I'm the coconut rice and grilled chicken she made for lunch.

As was the usual routine, she dialled her husband's number and he didn't pick, only to send her a message when she was almost on his floor.

"Bae, I'm iin a meeting with some potential investors in my office. I'll call you once I'm done."

Claire smiled. Thank goodness she was dressed this way. It would feel nice to let this investors know he has a beautiful lady as a wife incase there are ladies amongst them.
She stepped into the hall and there was nobody on the floor.
"Maybe they're all in the meeting" she thought.

She tapped on the door to her husband's office and after some seconds, she opened the door. There was nobody in the office. She hissed a sigh and dropped the lunch box on the centre table.

Why would he tell her they were in his office? Maybe he had seen her and was playing a prank on her. She brought out her phone to call him but something on the table caught her eye. A bouquet.

So, he's playing a trick on her. He had seen her after all. It reminded her of the day he proposed to her. She'd gotten a call from Kelvin, that Micheal was with another woman. He had given her a room number and the name of a hotel. She had gone there, ready to tear the said lady into shreds only to find herself alone in the room. Petals were used to write the words, "will you marry me" on the bed.

She was about calling Kelvin, to tell him she was I'm the wrong room, only for Micheal to appear from the bathroom, with some of their close friends. She had been so excited that she cried like a baby.

She was sure that's what he's doing now. This was his own way of apologising for the feud between them, then, the package in the lunch box was her own way of showing him how much she appreciated their relationship.

She smiled and walked to the table.
Oh! There's even a card beside it. She opened the card and stared at the letters. This wasn't her writing, and it sure doesnt belong to her husband. The wordings of the card broke her heart and she found herself sitting on the floor, reading the words over and over again
"Yes! Oh yes! Spank that a$$ baby. Fu¢k me harder with your big rooster." Sarah screamed.
To Micheal, this was the perfect lunch. He was digging her glory hole from behind, her kitten, milking him with its tightness. This was the third time they were going at it since they got here. He didn't want this to stop.

Sarah pulled him out of her and made him lie down. This was his favourite part, when he gets to watch her melons jiggle in excitement.
She lowered herself to him and he grunted, closing his eyes to enjoy this feeling. She started grinding herself on him, swaying her hips like an Indian dancer
"Yea baby. Hmmm." He moaned shamelessly.

Sarah increased her speed, riding him like a furious cowgirl. She was a p°rnstar, ever ready abd full of experience.
"Uhhh! I'm gonna cum baby."
"Yes. I'm close." Sarah responded, grinding her waist with all fierceness.

Their moans and grunts filled the room after which they fell into each other's arms and forgetting every other thing in the world.

Claire drove for an hour nonstop. She had no destination. She had carried the lunch box, making sure not to leave anything that would give away her visit.

The words on the card kept ringing in her ears, "I can't stop thinking about that night we spent together, loving each other and forgetting the boss/employee relationship. To me, we are more than that and I've missed you since that very night. I'm glad you're resuming today and I promise to utilize every means possible to show you how much I love you."
She parked beside the road and cried. For herself, for her baby and for her marriage. What had she done wrong to deserve this? He had married her a virgin. She doesn't know what it feels to be with another man, yet, he's doing this to her.
She heard a tap on her window and she looked up. She was surprised to see the guy who had bashed her car the day before. She came down fr the car and faced him, excited she just found a victim to pour out her anger and frustration on.
"We meet again." Phil said with his trade mark smile

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