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27 Jan 2018


Episode 11

"What? Can't I get some peace and quiet? Why are you bugging me? You're stalking me? What is your problem?" Claire screamed
"Woh. Easy please."

"Get out." Claire barked
Phil gave her an unusual stare.
"You've been crying huh? I'm not here to cause a fuse."
She sniffed and the tears ran down.

"Just go okay? I want to be alone now. Please." Claire pleaded.

"I can't leave you like this. I was driving past and I recognised this car as the one I bashed the other day. You can talk to me okay but I can't leave you here, like this."

"But I don't wanna talk. It's my problem. Let me deal with it."
Phil held her shoulder and before she knew it, he pulled her to himself. She felt relaxed, she felt at home as she cried out her frustration.
He led her to his car after making sure she locked up hers and picked her stuff.
He drove her to a hotel where they went up to a room without meeting any receptionist.
Maybe he stayed lived here for now or this was his place of rest, Claire thought.
She sat down on the king sized bed and he pulled a big sofa and sat opposite her.
"So, I'm all ears. Tell me why a pretty lady like you would be crying by the road side. You're beautiful, I can swear that you're rich, so tell me, what's up?"

"I just found out my husband is cheating on me with his secretary." She said without emotions.

He didn't see that coming? Damn it! She was married, but how? He had always dreamt of her as his own the very first day he had met her. Why wasn't she wearing a ring? Jesus Lord.
".........and I've loved him with everything in me." Phil heard her say.
He stood up and started pacing the room. This woman whom he had loved the very moment he set his eyes on her, this woman who was evading his dreams and thoughts. This woman he was willing to care for till his last breadth. She was married. A tear fell from his left eye and he wiped them immediately. He went to her, sat beside her and held her hands
"It's okay, believe me. No woman deserves a cheat for a man. You're a good woman and he just went astray because he ......"

"He would have talked to me. He would have taught me if I wasn't satisfying him enough. He married me all innocent and timid. I would have learnt happily. He was with her all night and when he came back, it was to push me and make me loose my baby." Claire cried.
Now, he felt like hitting this man straight in the balls. He hugged Claire, letting her tears wet his shirt. He would make her happy. He would take care of her with everything he had. He swore.

Micheal got back to the office a satisfied man. To him, this was the peak of his life. He was having so much fun. He had a wife who spent her entire day in the kitchen, cooking for him. Then, he had a girlfriend, who made his satisfaction her topmost priority.

His phone rang and he picked it. Kelvin.
"Hey man." He greeted.
"Mike Mike. How far nau."
"I just dey here. Hope you go still show tomorrow."
"Why not? I'll be there, live."
They both laughed.
"Ask Claire to make a special delicacy for me. I've missed her meals."

"You don't say. Just get your lazy behind down here and watch how my wife will take care of you."
"Ah! I can't wait o."
"Na you go run."
"I fitn't."
They laughed and said their goodbyes. Of course, he was a happy man.
"Phil, thank you very much for today. I ....."

They were back to where she had left her car. He had made her day fulfilled. They had gone from one place to the other; an eatery where they had lunch, the beach, window shopping and he got her a headset when she told him she enjoyed listening to songs.

"You don't mention Claire. What are friends for? I just want you to be happy."
Claire smiled.
"Thanks Phil."

They shared a hug and she got into her car. He watched her drive away, praying in his heart that she'll see through him and know what he truly felt for her.

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