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28 Jan 2018


Episode 12

She was setting the table for dinner when he came in. She was dressed in a basketball singlet and a little short. Her hair was parked in a messy bun. She was the perfect picture of a new wife on honeymoon.

"Good evening baby. Welcome." She greeted with her perfect smile, advertising her dimples and gap teeth.
"Thank you hun. How was your day?" Micheal asked, giving her his briefcase and jacket
"My day was good. When I called nd found out you weren't around, I stopped at the market to do some window shopping. I'll run a bath for you and then you'll come down and have dinner."

"Alright my love."
He tried to kiss her but she turned, making him peck her cheek.

"Naughty boy." She giggled and ran up the stairs. He didn't notice. He didn't see. His wife couldn't look at his face anymore.

Micheal followed his wife in short steps. He was farmished and exhausted. Sarah is really a tigress. The thought of her made him smile and he anticipated their midnight chat when she would fill his gallery with her beautiful body. Why did it take him this long to realise the kind of gem he had as a secretary.
While they ate, Micheal gave more attention to his phone than his wife, a new habit.

Claire would look at him and her heart would skip beats. He was doing this right before her, smiling at his phone like a teenager.

"Baby, how was work today? The meeting you mentioned." Claire was forced to ask when she couldn't bear his act anymore.
"What meet......... Oh! It was a huge success." Micheal said, catching himself before he would give his atrocity away.
"I thank God. But you missed lunch."

"It was worth the sacrifice dear. Ehen. You know Kelvin is coming tomorrow."
"Yea. You told me. How long will he be staying?"
"A week or more. It all depends on our hospitality." Micheal chuckled.
"Okay." Claire said, returning to her food.

"Hope you can handle it huh?" He asked, going back to his phone.
"I always do." She murmured
Sarah stretched on her bed uncomfortably. Why would she sleep alone at night when he'll be in the arms of that woman? Why can't he be with her at night when her libido was above normal. She sat up, picked up her ipad and turned it on. While she waited for it to boot, she stepped out of her nightie and laid back, spreading her legs wide and picking the iPad again.

She went to her p°rn collection and clicked on a new video she just downloaded from tastyblacks. A school girl was being molested by her teacher.
She was crazy and she knew it.
The video started and not before long, she found herself stroking her hard cl!t.
"Hmmm" she moaned.

The school girl's scream soon filled the room and she dropped the laptop, closing her eyes and allowing those fake innocent screams take her to cloud 9.
She inserted a finger into her vjay, then another. The slopping sound started as she f!ngered herself like there was no tomorrow. But it didn't help her. She wanted more than her cute fingers could offer.
She stood up and ran-walked to the kitchen where she brought out a d!ck sized cucumber. This would be her Micheal tonight and she knew it was gonna be a night full of fu¢k.
Amara stepped into the kitchen in her nightie. It was 6am and she was surprised that her sister had been able to make baked coconut rice. She was slicing the carrot for the salad.
Claire didn't hear her sister come in. Music from the headset was blasting heavily in her head. She had told everyone the night before that she wouldn't be waking them before their normal time because she wanted to tend to her guest herself. She would make Kelvin comfortable and once he leaves, she would stop using the kitchen and cincentrate on her business.
Amara tickled her sister and she jumped in fright, removing the head set
"Amarachukwu!" Claire screamed with mixed feelings
"Sister good morning. How was your night?" Amara asked, showing little or no remorse over what she did to her sister.
"Don't know you're no longer a kid. Stay there and be pulling stunts I nugo?(have you heard?)
" Sister nau. Do you need my help?"
"Ezigbo mmadu. Wash that beef there. And better behave yourself o. Kelvin is a husband material so don't let him get married to another girl after spending a week here o."
"Sister!" Amara exclaimed and walked out of the kitchen.
"Silly girl." Claire called after her

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