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30 Jan 2018


Episode 13

At exactly 10:42am, Kelvin and Micheal drove into the compound. Micheal had gone to pick him from the airport, his personal reason being to tell Kelvin his own side of the story before Claire tells him he had pushed her. He had told Kelvin that she had fallen from the stair.

Claire was clad in a jean short and white singlet while Amara was dressed in a mini gown. They were doing the remaining dishes when Kelvin and Micheal got to the house.

"And where is my wife?" Kelvin asked loudly the moment he stepped inside the large living room.

Claire came to him, throwing her light weight on him. She had missed him and now he was here, he would distract her from her problems.

"Welcome Kelvin. Look how robust you look." She said, sitting beside him
"Don't forget the handsome face please." Kelvin added and they laughed.

"You're welcome man." Micheal said
"Thank you bro. I've missed you two a whole lot. Don't worry, I know the feeling is mutual."
They laughed again. Amara came out that time, causing Kelvin to pause.

"Wow. Claire, isn't this the small Amy I know?" He asked.
They all laughed except Micheal
"Brother Kelvin I'm not small o. Welcome." Amara said, settling beside Claire
"Thank you my dear. I've missed you all like kilode."
"The feeling is mutual bro."

"I'll show you to your room so you can freshen up and then come down. I know you and your friend have a lot to talk about." Claire said, standing up.
"Of course young lady. And Micheal, hope you've got something that will burn my throat."

"You'll have to see for yourself. For now, just do as the madam of the house has said." Micheal replied.

He shook hands with Kelvin who stood up and followed Claire's trail.
It was past his time and he was yet to show up. She was missing him already. She couldn't get an hour of sleep last night. She picked up her phone. She would call him and know what's delaying him.
Phil sat in his chamber. He was occupied by the thought of this married woman who was driving him nuts. He had cancelled all his appointments for the day. He wasn't himself anymore and to think that she was not happy in the marriage. He would help her, maybe a distraction from her cheating husband but he was going to make her happy. A thought came to him and he smiled. If he won't have her, a cheating husband doesn't deserve her as well.

Micheal's phone rang. It was on the table and Amara was closer to it.
"Pass me the phone please." He said.

Amara picked the phone and gave it to him without looking at the caller ID. She hissed and went to the dinning area to inspect how the girls were handling the fruit. Micheal smiled upon seeing the caller.
"Hello bae." He said into the receiver.
"Hi hun. I've been waiting for you. Hope you're on your way now."

"Hmmm. My baby girl is missing me huh?"
"Yea. Please tell me you're coming." She pleaded.
"No dear. But I'll......."

She hung up. It was clear she was disappointed. Micheal had to call her back. He didn't want to upset his sex goddess. He dialled her number and she picked after the second ring.
"Why didn't you tell me yesterday? I wouldn't have been so......."

"Calm down honey. We both got carried away yesterday. You sent me outta the world, I couldn't think straight hun. I'm sorry."
There was silence at the other end so he continued
"My best friend came to visit me and I can't leave the house the same day he got here. I'll make it up to you okay? I'll see you tomorrow alright?"

"You're spending the night at my place tomorrow. Have a nice day." She concluded and hung up.
How would he pull this stunt. Okay. He was sure Kelvin would cover up for him. He would tell him the truth, besides, both of them are birds of same feather. The only difference was that Kelvin wasn't married. That was a part of Kelvin he had hidden from the world. Micheal smiled, tomorrow night would be great, he thought.

He didn't feel it. He didn't know. The two sisters had heard him. One from the stairs, and the other, from the dinning area. He was the hand that would break the bricks used in building his home. He was yet to understand that.

Claire slowly went upstairs to her matrimonial room. She was surprised that the tears were not falling yet. This was the height of it. She still found it hard to believe that her Micheal was cheating on her with a common secretary. She can't share this room with him anymore. Come tomorrow, she would move her things to her own personal room.

Kelvin's voice interrupted her thought. He was calling her from downstairs. She stood up and went to the dressing table, remade her face and gently walked downstairs. She won't let a cheating husband change her calm nature. It won't stop her from performing all her duties to him as a wife. All, except allowing him between her legs again.

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