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30 Jan 2018


Though the breakfast was late, it was worth it. That was part of the many reasons why Kelvin loved the Njama family. They knew how to get to someone's stomach in a nice way.

They returned to the sitting room and the maids began to clear the table. Amara excused herself and made for her room, boiling with rage. She needs to know this woman who has the mind to come between her sister and the husband.

"So Claire dear, I heard what happened. Please accept my condolence."
This was the opportunity she was waiting for. God isn't a joker. He sure knows how to take sides with the righteous.
She forced a smile and nodded.
"You should be more careful please." Kelvin added
"Thanks Kelvin. I also blame myself for it, so, I've decided to start visiting my plaza, instead of staying at home the ........."

"What! Who will prepare my meals." Micheal asked softly
Your secretary will. That was what she wanted to answer him but she swallowed it. Kelvin looked on.
"I've given Gertrude my recipes. I can't be staying at home all day Mike. It's gonna weigh me down and ......"

"I won't take that. Amara should continue with the plaza. You know I can't eat out."
"You won't be eating out Mike. Gertrude ......"
"I did not marry Gertrude. I eat food prepared by people I love and cherish. You ain't starting work Claire. We'll leave it as it has always been." He said and walked out.

"Man." Kelvin called out
But he was already upstairs. How dare she. He wants her for himself alone. He can't and won't allow other men looking at her. He won't grant that permission.

Kelvin looked at Claire. She was a strong woman and he envied Mike. He was doing his wife hunting now and he hasn't seen anyone that matches his desires, wants or needs
"Do you two have issues?"
"No we don't. We don't."
Kelvin went and sat close to her.

"With what I heard now, you mean to tell me that you spend your entire day in this house?"
"I go to give him lunch. Then during the weekends, I go to the plaza to check my stocks. But I'm not complaining you see because he's my husband. But right now, I'm emotionally down. I can't stay here without doing anything. If he will be spending time at home then I don't have a problem. I need to be busy, to forget the events of this past week."

Kelvin heaved. And Micheal had the guts to say she has changed. Sweet and innocent Claire. Kelvin knew instantly that something was amiss. He would definitely find out.
"I understand Claire. I'll talk to him okay? Don't bother your self. I'll talk to Micheal."
"Thanks." Claire murmured.
"Please, excuse me."
He stood up and walked upstairs. This wasn't the way he had planned to start his short holiday.
He found Micheal in the living room upstairs. He was drinking from a vodka bottle. He walked to the bar and sat opposite his friend
"Man. What's the problem?"
Micheal hissed and took a long sip from the bottle.
"Sarah has changed. Does she expect me to eat another woman's food?"
"Hmnmm. Who's Sarah?" Kelvin asked throwing micheal off guard.

He had mistakenly called Sarah instead of his wife. Now, he just had to deal with it. He looked around, just to be sure nobody was around.
"Man, my secretary is driving me crazy." He said with a grin.
So that was it. He was the defaulter and not Claire after all. A part of him was excited that Claire wasn't the culprit.
"Your secretary? Are you doing your secretary?" Kelvin asked innocently.

"The manchi. Na your lane I dey follow nau."
Kelvin smirked. Micheal started his own game at the wrong time.
"Man, you still remember you're married eh?"
"Leave that thing. You need to see this lady. She's beautiful, she's got height, the curves, the body. And bloody Mary, she's thick."
"Are you okay? You just bluffed to me the other day that Claire was adding flesh and you hate fleshy women. Now, this? Come on man. Is she as beautiful as Claire? The stupid curves, I'm sure hers must be fake. What kinda work will you two be doing in your office? Jeez man. If you wanna cheat, cheat with someone you can strongly compare your wife with."

He took the bottle from Micheal and sipped from it, leaving Micheal in a confused state.
"But you haven't even met her. Why the hate?"
"Because she's your secretary. See man, this kinda ladies, they'll grace your bed as long as you're handsome and rich. You're here, calling your wife by her name but I'm sure she'll be ready to screw the next available guy."
"Sarah won't do that. She's into me."

Kelvin laughed hard, leaving his stool and going over to his friend.
"I'll be here for two weeks. You'll give me the testimony yourself."

I'm game. Anyways, I'll be crashing at her place tomorrow. You're gonna cover up for me here. I need to be screwed outta my senses."

"As long as your d!ck doesn't turn green but seriously man, just tomorrow. Claire doesn't deserve it and so saying, she's resuming work tomorrow."
"No Kelvin. She needs to prepare my meals."

"You're crazy. Then get ready to tell Claire what you'll be doing in your mistress's house tomorrow. We spent years together before you met Claire. You ate whatever Nana and her girls made. You just turned this into a stupid habit. Allow Claire to make friends. Let her associate and get into the world of business. She deserves it for being your wife."
He sipped from the bottle and made to leave.

"I'm going to tell her to prepare for work tomorrow. You need rest cause you're taking me to town by five. I'll be in my room." He concluded and left.

He made up his mind to get to this Sarah, fu¢k her like the wh°re she is and get Micheal to see that women of her calibre don't get committed to their spouses.

Another thing, he had found a wife.

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