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24 Jan 2018


Episode 2

Sarah watched her boss walk towards her, she stood up from her table, pushed up her heavy bosoms and wore her sexy smile.

She was beautiful and she knew that, with her beautiful height, naturally fair skin, catty eyes, pointed nose, full lips, slim waist and wide hips, men drooled after her and she loved the attention. But no, she wanted her boss.

"Good morning Mr Micheal." She greeted excitedly.
"Beautiful morning Sarah. How are you?" He asked, not stopping to look at his Secretary who'd started dressing provocatively this days.

"I'm good sir. I ........"
But he was already inside his office, closing the door behind him
She hissed and went back to her desk in frustration. She occupied the open office with the other secretaries who worked for the manager and his deputy. She was aware both secretaries were screwing their bosses but why won't her own boss even look at her?
He owned the company and had the major share in it, he had the right to do whatever pleases him.

She hissed again and started emailing him his appointment for the day. After she sent the last folder, an idea struck her. She must do this before the other girls comes upstairs.
"Oh Michael, you'll regret not coming to me yourself, I promise."

She stood up and walked to the restroom.
Michael sat in his huge office, basking in his own thought. He was confused over what was happening to his marriage. He picked his phone and called his best friend, Kelvin.

"The boss" Kelvin greeted from the other end.
"Oshey. How far nah, you just bone my side, thought we are into this together?"

"Forever my brother. Work has tied me down here but wait, you don't sound good, what's the problem?
Michael hissed, rubbing his head, an action he always did without knowing whenever he was down.

" Claire has changed. I think she's seeing someone else."
There was silence at the other end, then a hilarious laughter. Kelvin was laughing and he wasn't doing it nicely.

"Kelvin!" Michael barked
"Chai! No vex abeg but are you sure you're okay? How can you say that? Claire that I know will never look at another man. You married her a virgin dude so why have doubts about her? How sure am I that you ain't the one who's gone astray?"

"Get something here, she's no longer that Claire you used to know. She no longer cooks for me, she denies me sex, she always pretends to be sick and then again, she's getting fat. You know I don't like flesh women."

Kelvin breathed out, not knowing what to say at the revelation of his friend.
"Alright chill, I'll spend this weekend with you two. Don't let it get to you alright? There must be a solution to whatever that's happening in your home."
"Thanks bro. I appreciate your concern."

"Come on, you've done more than this for me. I'll get back to you later, Chief is calling me."
"Say hi to him on my behalf."
They ended the call and Michael heaved a sigh of relief. Kelvin was his everything. Kelvin's father (Chief) had picked him up after his parents died and took care of him like his own child. He helped him rebuild his father's business empire. He owed his life to Kelvin and his dad. As the thought of why Kelvin isn't married yet raced his mind, a gentle tap at the door got his attention.

"Come in". He said, looking at the door expectantly.
Sarah opened the door slightly, a tray containing a coffee mug led the way before the sexy secretary popped in her head, followed by the rest of her body.

Micheal watched as she catwalked to his table, her Tips poking at the thin chiffon top she was wearing. It was a white shirt so it left nothing hidden to the eyes. Her firm breast bounced a little as she walked to his table, giving him her sincere smile.

" Damn!" Micheal cursed loudly as she lowered the tray on the table, feeding him more of her mounds. He felt a stir in his loins and he shifted uncomfortably.

She professionally poured iced coffee into his cup, adding a spoon of sugar and looking at him for reactions.

"Do I add more sir?" She asked, following his eyes which were relaxed on her weapon of mass destruction.

"Sir?" She repeated, this time, more seductive than the previous tone.

"Uhm! Yes yes. I ....." He stammered
Yes! It was working. She lifted the cup and faced him, looking him straight in the eyes.

He reluctantly brought out his hand to receive the cup but missed, spilling the entire content on his down region.
"God damn it!" He cursed while she ran to his side of the table, picking up serviettes from the table and dabbing his groin region, feeling his e*ect!on and gently rubbing it.

This was going to be way easier than she thought.

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