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25 Jan 2018



The warmth of her walls around his shaft drove him nuts and close to the edge. Its always like its a first time each time he drives into her. Throwing his head back in ecstacy, his hand around her waist while one cupped her a$$ cheek, he gave in slow strokes.

Oh that d!ck, each stroke drew a deep hearted moan from within her soul. How he filled her up, how he touched her soul with each thrust. She wished he could maintain that pace, she wanted that moment to last forever.

He could feel himself coming close. No no! He just started. He cant ruin this moment. How he missed her. Pulling out slowly, he threw in another deep thrust, again and again. How she missed being ravaged by him. The spanks on her butt and the deep thrust that touched the end of her womanhood. She could feel that sensation, yes, it was building up. Grabbing the edge of the table, she started shoving back her a$$ meeting his thrust. *Oh* she cried in ecstacy, *harder hun, hit me hard baby*.

That was all he needed. Grabbing her waist, he burrowed in ferociously into her. He was closer. Letting out a deep groan, he jerked as the sensation ran through his brain down hi entire being. *Oh!!!!!!! he moaned as the first shot of his cum exploded into her.

*Oh!!! my, o........* she gritted her teeth, clenching tight to the table. It is coming and she knew it. Shaking spastically, she waited for it and it came as she felt the first shot of his warm jizz inside her. Letting herself loose innocently, surrendering to the wave of ecstatic pleasure which washed through, she sprawled in the table as her juice flowed while the center of her world laid on her gently as they basked in the post orgasmic euphoria.

Sarah watched Claire head to the elevator. Most of her make up was gone and she had this glow on her face. Oh! How she wished it was her that just gotten her craziest fantasy fulfilled. She wanted her boss and she would do anything to get him on her bed, and then, on his own bed. Damn the consequences.

Claire got into her car, worked on her make up and headed for the mall. she needed to get new lingerie for tonight. Her marriage just got its spark back and she would do anything to keep it that way. Her car felt the crash, bringing her out of her thoughts. What the f? Someone just bashed her car. She parked to a side and a lexus 330 parked behind her. She got out and went straight to the basher and knocked on the window.
Without waiting, a young man in same age bracket with her husband came out from the car. He towered over her but she looked at him with anger and hatred. How can he be smiling when he just bashed her favorite car that was barely two months old.

''are you blind? or you're mentally slow? you just hit my car god damn it." she screamed on top of her lungs.

The young man said nothing. He just stared at her, maintaining his smile. This infuriated the young woman and she did what she would never do if it wasn't this car. She raised her hand and slapped him. The young man held his cheek, till maintaining his smile.

She stuck out a finger and pointed at him, "that won't repair my car but it will help reset your drunken brain so you won't go about the express bashing cars and smiling like you are so innocent. fool."
she made to walk out but the young man held her hand and drew her back to himself.

"my name is Phil Patterson, CEO, Patterson and son law firm. may i have the pleasure of knowing your name?''

What insolence? she felt like leaving another palm on his other cheek. she freed her hand from his and walked back to her car. Her husband would never behave like this towards a woman. Why can't every man be like her Micheal? She gave a long his and drove away while the young man maintained his innocent smile. He just met the woman of his dreams, he just met the mother of his children.

She was everything he wanted in a woman, bold, beautiful, intelligent and arrogant. He got into his car and followed her. Call it love at first sight but he will rather die than not make this woman his forever.

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