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25 Jan 2018


Episode 5

Claire saw it. He was following her. Why would someone that cute be blessed with little sense? He was going to hear from her. She drove into a street and parked, and he did the same, parking his car behind hers.

She waited, and this time, he came to her. She got down and faced him, ready to teach him manners.

"What do you want?" She asked
"To repair your car please. Listen, I'm not like that okay. I just got carried away by your personality that I lost my sense of speech. I'm sorry please."
Claire looked at him and gave a sigh.

"It's okay. I'll handle it. You can stop following me now."
"Thank you but ......."
"No buts. Goodbye Mr Phil."
She got in and drove off, not caring if he followed her or not. Her trip to the lingerie shop has been cancelled now so she drove to the mechanic shop where her car would be fixed before taking a taxi home.
She got home and made for the kitchen after freshening up.

There was oha soup in the freezer so she would just make the semolina and warm up the soup. Her husband was a good example of a mummy's boy.

She wondered how Chief and Kelvin managed to put up with his not eating another woman's food. She dismissed the house helps for the day and started her duty in the kitchen.

Michael took a last glance at his office before picking up his briefcase. He was sure his wife had something brewing for him back home. He left the office only to meet Sarah still working on her desk. It was past closing time and everyone on the floor has left.

"Sarah?" He called softly
She looked up and quickly bent her head.
"What's the problem? Look at me."

He was concerned. She had never been one to shy away from anybody.

Sarah on her path refused to look up, instead, streams of tears started falling from her eyes.

The gentleman dropped his suitcase and went closer to his secretary.

"Sarah, I'm sorry for what happened between us earlier today. I shouldn't have talked to you like that after getting you aroused. I'm sorry."

The secretary was surprised. She least expected this from her boss. She cried out audibly, forcing Michael to reach out to her and envelop her in his arms
"I'm sorry."

He said, stroking her hair and trying to calm her down. He was an emotional man and he hated seeing women cry. That was his breaking point. Sarah had to make use of this opportunity. She held him tight, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Shhh. Don't do that. Come, let me drop you."

She was staying at the company's apartment. It was a few streets away.

She nodded and he waited for her to clear her table before they headed to his private elevator together.

At the parking lot, he opened the passenger door for her and she got in, while he slipped into the driver's side, started the ignition and drove off.

"You didn't have to put yourself through this stress sir." Sarah began
"What are you saying? I'm making up for my attitude okay?"

"You didn't force me to come to you. I ......."

"Let's not talk about it please. I already feel bad about trying to use you to get over my issues with my wife. But don't worry okay, allow me to make up for my mistakes."

"Are you having issues with madam? She was at the office and ......."

"We made up. Can I stay angry at my woman for long?"
A smile quickly appeared on his face as he remembered their short time at the office. He was sure there was more to come tonight. How did he not notice that his wife was faking her act just to add spice to their married.

He smiled more while Sarah turned her face into a tight frown. She knew he was thinking about his wife, even while she was here.

He drove into her street and she knew her time of bliss was over. She quickly thought of what to do, not wanting to be out of his sight now. She needed to leave something in his mind, something that will make him think of her always.

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