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25 Jan 2018


Episode 6

Claire was putting down the oha soup when her phone rang. She turned off the gas and checked the caller. It was her sister, Amara.

"Madam" Claire called out.
Her younger sister was the boss of the house. Both of them had grown up together, passing through pains and difficulties just to support themselves.

Claire had walked out of a burning house at the age of six, carrying her baby sister who was just nine months old.
Since then, she'd done everything possible to make her sister happy. They had lived in an orphanage somewhere in owerri for twelve years, enduring taunts and punishment in return for quality education.

After her wassce, Claire had gotten a schorlaship to study in UNILAG. Her accommodation and feeding were also taken care of and the wisest thing she thought she ever did was to pick her sister and off they left for Lagos where her new life had began.

She pampered her sister who grew into a beautiful woman, at the same time, arrogant and sassy. But she loved her still and they both understood each other.

"Good evening sis. Hope you're getting better?" Amara asked
"Yes my dear"
"Ehe, sister eh, I won't be coming home today o."
Claire frowned. Her sister was fond of sleeping out of the house and she didn't like it.
"Amarachukwu why didn't you tell me these before you left in the morning? You can't just make decisions whenever you deem fit. You've started keeping bad companies and I don't like it."

Claire was angry but she couldn't shout at her only family.
"Sister nau. I ....."
"Have you called my husband?"
"Sister you know he won't agree. Please tell him for me. I promise to be home first thing tomorrow morning."

"And tell that your boyfriend to do the right thing. If he wants free sex and food he should come and marry you."
"Sister e don do nau. See you tomorrow."

"Bye bye biko. And better come back early o. You know I'll be going to the hospital."
"I know sis."

"Good. Be careful. This is Lagos not Anambra o. And call me as soon as you get to his place."

"Okay, okay. Good night."
Claire ended the call and hissed. Amara is a handful.
She cleared the kitchen and headed to the sitting room. She would wait for her darling to come home.

Sarah was breathing fast. She struggled to breathe.
Micheal was afraid. She never mentioned being asthmatic.
He parked in front of her house and got down, rushing to her side immediately. What would have triggered this attack?
"Where's your inhaler?"

She pointed at the house. Micheal searched in her bag, not seeing her pointing at the house.

"Where is it!" This time, he was almost at the verge of cursing
She pointed again and he lifted her up, grabbing her handbag, locking the doors and carrying her inside the compound.
She was like a helpless child and he felt for her. He had never seen her like that.

He got out her keys from her bag and opened the door. It was his second time here, the first was the day the house was completed. And the second, now.

He placed her on the sofa and before he could say Jack, she was sleeping. She looked disturbed even in her sleep. She never mentioned her illness to him, maybe he had been too strict as a boss.

He settled down beside her and looked around the well furnished room. It was just a while before he closed his eyes and answered the call of nature.

Claire busied herself watching a movie on mnet action. Her husband was taking long to come back and the food she served was getting cold. She would wait for thirty minutes more before she would call him. Maybe he's stuck in traffic or had a little more work to do. She couldn't wait for him to return so they would finish what they had started at the office.
She relaxed on the couch and fixed her eyes on the television only to slowly drift out of consciousness.

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