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26 Jan 2018


Episode 7

He felt it down there. Someone was giving him head and it felt wonderful. When did Claire become this good?
He gave out a moan and opened his eyes. The environment didn't look like somewhere he knows.
It was when he looked down that he saw the object of his pleasure. SARAH

"Wha..... What in heaven's name are you doing?"
He tried to push her off but he couldn't. His hands have been cuffed over his head while his legs were tied up.

"Let me satisfy you baby." Sarah said mouthful.
He was afraid and very uncomfortable but he was enjoying what she was doing to him. She was in her birthday suit and god damn it, her melons were huge and up for grabs.

"Sto....stop it......sto.... ugghh"
She twirled her tongue round the head of his member and suddenly took his full length deep down her throat. Surprisingly, she didn't gag. Claire would gag and even throw up but this woman was so good.

He closed his eyes and allowed the feeling wash over him. He had always fantasied getting [email protected] by a woman and here it was.

Sarah saw the smile on his face and she knew she'd gotten him just where she wanted him.

She got up and without warning, sat on his face. He didn't see that coming but he loved the smell immediately it hit his nostril. She was cleanly shaved and her juices tasted and smelt like strawberry.

He began his job without waiting for further instructions; using his tongue to pleasure her in worldly ways.
She threw her head back and rotated her waist in rhythm to his tongue. It felt good. He was good.
Micheal didn't care now. He was getting his fantasy fulfilled by a lady who was much experienced in the act so all he was allowed to do was enjoy it. He was in cloud nine and the ring on his finger won't stop this feeling now.
She got off without warning and he opened his eyes, silently begging her to come back. She on her part, was close to orgasm but she wanted to cum with his d!ck inside her.
She turned, pretending to change her mind about the whole thing.
"Baby, where are you going?" He asked, surprising the seductress.
"I can't. I mean, we can't do this." She said, picking up her gstring from the floor.
"No babe. You can't do this now. You can't leave me like this. Look how hard I am for you. Come on."
Sarah was surprised. Finally, she won this battle. Oh! He finally belonged to her.
"You're just saying this because you want to satisfy yourself. After that you....."
"Come on, don't talk like that. Come and make this man happy, come on. You're driving me insane. Come screw my brains out." He pleaded
"And after that?"
"Whatever you want, I'll give you. Make me want you Sarah."
She untied the ropes on his leg, then picked a single key from the table and unlocked the cuff. Hr didn't wait for her to finish before he grabbed her, turned her on all fours and without warning, pummeled his huge member into her tight kitten.
He woke up with her in his arms. Memories of last night came rushing to his head. He had taken her twice in the sitting room, then she'd led him to her bedroom where they couldn't have enough of each other. She was so flawless. They had showered together before she served dinner of rice and egg sauce which they ate together.

What had taken him long to see this other side of this angel?
His eyes went to the wall clock and he cursed audibly, waking her up.

"Morning honey" she greeted, rubbing her eyes.
"Morning bae. I've got to run along now. It's past seven." He said, releasing himself from her.
"Gosh! I'll be late for work."
"Just take your time okay. I need to get to Claire. She will be worried. Where's my phone?"
"Calm down. Your stuff must be in the sitting room."

He took fast steps to the sitting room where he quickly put on his suit from the day before. He was putting on his shoes when he saw his phone lying on the floor. He picked it up and it was off. Maybe he had switched it off or the battery went flat
"Are you ready?" Sarah asked innocently.

She was now wearing a short. Her upper body was still on display

"Now, you just want me to eat you up huh? I wish I didn't have to go. You're so delicious."
He gathered her in his arms and pecked her forehead.

"I'm sorry about yesterday at the office. I'll never shout on you again okay?"

"I promise. You don't know how special you are to me right now. You fulfilled all my fantasies in one night and ....."

"I know. But right now, just go home to your wife. We'll have enough time to talk about us."
He kissed her and left the apartment. As strange as it was, he didn't feel guilty at all. He got into his car and drove off.

Claire called again, it was switched off. She prayed her husband wasn't in any form of trouble. Gertrude suggested she called the police.

She was about dialling the number when they heard the honk of the car.
"I think oga is back." Gertrude said.

Claire ran to the window just as he drove in. She heaved a sigh of relief and walked to the door to welcome her husband.
Micheal knew his wife would make trouble so he prepared himself for her. He would say nothing and if she pestered him, he would seek for a divorce. She was now boring and thank goodness he's met the lady who marched his desires.

He opened the door and just as he predicted, he saw her right at the door.

"Oh God Micheal, I was so worried. What happened to you?"

She went into his arms in a warm embrace and quickly withdrew.
"Your smell. What cologne are you wearing?" She asked, her smile quickly disappearing.
"Claire please, not now." He walked past her and headed to the stair

"Not now? Anyways, I've been trying your line since 1am. I was so worried." She said, following him eagerly.

"Next time you get delayed, please call home okay? Or tell me, did........"
"I said, not now."

He turned but it has been done. He saw his wife rolling down the stairs while Getrude screamed in shock.
He had pushed his wife down in an attempt to turn and shut her up.

He had pushed her.
What he saw next came as a shock.
And only one thing explained it. His wife is pregnant.

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