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26 Jan 2018



Doctor James wore a sad smile as he addressed Micheal who was crying uncontrollably in his office.

"She had called me the day before and we had fixed an appointment for today. Tell me, what happened?"

Micheal sobbed loudly, looking at the doctor helplessly.
"I pushed her. I didn't know she was pregnant I swear. We had a misunderstanding and I pushed her. I hate myself. I hate myself."

"Its okay Mike. You should know something. A man should never hit his woman. They're fragile and needs to be handled with caution."

Micheal stood up and cursed loudly. He had messed up big time. No wonder the changes in her. It began to fall into place now. If only he had known.
"Can I see her please?"

"Of course. I'll take you to her."
Claire was sitting on the bed and staring into space. A loud mouth nurse had told her she miscarried her baby. Her own husband had pushed her, he had made her loose the first egg she had hatched.

A stray tear fell from her eye and she wiped it off. She wasn't going to cry, no, she won't. She has to be strong, for her dead child, also, she needed to be strong in order to know what's wrong with her husband.

The doctor came in followed by Micheal.
"How're you Claire?" The doctor asked professionally
"Outside the pain in my lower abdomen and this burning headache, I'm fine."

"The nurse will get you some drugs for the headache. In a day or two, the abdominal pain will stop okay?"
"Thank you doc."

"You're welcome Claire. There are other things I'll love you to know but that'll be later."
"Can I still get pregnant doctor?" Claire asked, expecting the worse
Micheal shook in fright. He was afraid for his wife and his marriage. The answer the doctor would give now would either make or mar their lives.
"Of course. Don't be afraid Claire. You're okay but you still need that appointment with me."

Claire smiled while Micheal heaved a sigh of relied.
"Thank you doc."

"You're most welcomed. I'll leave you two now."
Claire nodded and bent her head. James touched Michael's shoulder before leaving the private room.

Micheal stared at his wife in shame. He had messed up and he had no good reason. Just a night of bliss in Sarah's arms and his family got a big shake, a bad one.
He wanted to speak but Amara rushed into the room immediately. She ran to her sister and they embraced themselves, breaking Claire's resolve not to cry. They both cried in each other's arms while Micheal stood beside the bed, sobbing and pretending to be strong.

"Gertrude called me. Sister call the police. This man doesn't deserve to be with you or any woman."

Claire shook her head and wrapped her sister in her arms.
"Nne, he's sorry." She looked at Micheal, "Right?"

Micheal nodded and thanked God in his heart. At least, his wife has forgiven him.
Amara released herself from her sister's hold and walked to Micheal.

"You pushed your wife because she asked you the perfume you're wearing. You didn't give an answer, instead you pushed your wife, your pregnant wife Micheal."

That was the first time she would be calling him by his name. It surprised Micheal as much as it did Claire.
"Amara I'm sorry. I know nothing I say justifies my action ........."

"Let me get you clothes and things you would need okay? I wasn't there for you sis but I promise, I'll never leave your side again. I'll be right back."
Claire nodded and watched her sister leave. Her sister had grown into a tigress and she didn't even notice.

Husband and wife said nothing to each other. It was the entrance of a nurse that made Micheal leave after watching his wife falling to sleep.

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