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27 Jan 2018


Two days after her discharge, she had still not said a word to her husband and it was eating him up. Kelvin had called to inform them of his visit the next day.

Micheal dressed for work while his wife laid on the bed, backing him.
"Honey" he called soothingly.
Claire turned and faced him. He sat on the bed and held her hands
"Please forgive me."

Claire looked at him, bitterness filling her throat while she struggled to be her polite self.
"I should have just told you what delayed me. All this wouldn't have happened. I promise to make things right but please, stop doing this to us. I'm sorry."

Claire stood up and left the room. She went downstairs and made tea for him, placing four slices of bread and the choco pop pack, just the way he liked his tea.

She was about leaving the dinning when he came down.

"Have breakfast Micheal. You're running late."

Finally, she spoke to him, she even made breakfast for him. He hugged her, said thanks and settled down to eat.

She sat opposite him, looking to find what was wrong with the man she married.

"Thanks honey. I'll leave now."
He pecked her just as Amara walked in all dressed to leave.
"Good morning sis. Good morning Micheal." She greeted, sitting beside her sister
"Morning Amy. How was your night?" Micheal asked but got no response in return. He left the two sisters.

*Amara, that man is my husband I hope you know."
"Yes sister. I also know that he just denied me an opportunity to be an aunt."
Claire smiled.

"More kids are on their way. So please, don't treat Micheal that way again."
Amara rolled her eyes and nodded.

"I'll see you when I come back." Amara said and stood up
"I'm coming to the plaza."
"Eh? Sister its not Friday o."
"I know. I need to change some things that I've not been doing right. So, wait for me."
Amara smiled.

"Alright then. I'll inform the others. See you soon."

Amara left and Claire heaved a sigh.
"Gertrude!" She called out
"Yes madam."
"There are some changes that will be made from today. Tell the girls, you all will start living here from next week. You'll only be allowed leave once in a month. Anybody who's not comfortable with that should leave immediately. Am I communicating?"

The surprised Gertrude replied in the affirmative.
"Go and inform the others and get back to me. I need to make lunch and dinner now cause I'll be visiting my plaza from today."
"Okay madam. I'll inform the others right away."
It was clear. There would be drastic change in the Njama's family. What we are yet to know is if it will be for good or not.
Micheal stepped out of the elevator and heaved a sigh. He was feeling excited and he didn't know why.
Sarah had always sent him text messages since his wife's miscarriage and those messages always warmed his heart.

He walked into the large hall that housed the secretaries and they all greeted him. They also sympathised with him and he replied with his warmest smile.
He got Into his office and the sight before him made him feel special, like a teenager experiencing love for the first time.

On his desk was a huge bouquet and a red card. He touched them lovingly, reading the words on the card.
He had missed her too.
Just when he picked the bouquet, Sarah walked into the office. She was dressed in a lemon gown which didn't hide her hour glass figure. The gown had a zipper from up to bottom in the front.
She locked the door and walked straight to her knight in shining armour.

They kissed passionately, showing each other how much they had missed themselves.
"How're you bae?" He asked, pulling her to himself
"Outside the fact that I missed you, I'm good."

"I missed you too honey. Show me how much."
"Hmmmm. You're sure you wanna know?"
"Of course my Darling. Show me how much you've missed me."
Without another word, she unzipped the gown and Micheal dropped his mouth in awe. She was [email protected] under the gown. She had this mischievous smile on her face.
Micheal carried her to the table where he laid her and opened her legs wide. He buried his face in her wet kitten, lapping the juices like it was the last time he was gonna taste them. Sarah's low moans kept ringing in his ears and it got him unbuckling his belts. Just when he was about inserting his huge member, she sat up.
"Top rank hotel, room 312. If you missed me as much as I did, your lunch will be waiting there for you."

"Fu¢k!" Micheal cursed.
"I trust you won't keep your woman waiting my love." She zipped her gown up, gave him a peck and walked out of the office. Her destination was the restroom where she would get herself to reach an orgasm.
Damn! This woman was driving him nuts and as crazy as it was, he was enjoying her craziness.
Come lunch break, he won't miss it for anything in the world.

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