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2 Feb 2018


Episode 15

Amara walked upstairs to her brother in law. They had to talk. She needed answers and he must provide them. She made the last turn and bumped into Kelvin who was going downstairs.

"Hello. Don't tell me that with this beautiful face, God forgot to make the eyes clear. Where are you rushing up to?"
Amara didn't know if to blush or just answer the question. Her sister's words kept coming to her head. Yes, Kelvin is truly handsome and well to do too. But she has a boyfriend. Her future would be secured with Kelvin but she didn't know him well enough.

"Hello?" Kelvin said, snapping her out of her thoughts.
"Uhm .........."
"Don't you think we need to talk? Come. Let's go into town and get to know ourselves better."
"Let me change into something appropriate then. Give me fifteen minutes."
Kelvin smiled. Fifteen minutes.
"Okay then."

They both dispersed. The messenger had forgotten the message of the gods. Who would deliver them now?
The next morning got everyone dressed up and ready to leave the house. Gertrude had announced breakfast and they were soon gathered at the dinning, ready to devour their meals.

As was the tradition in the Njama house, whoever prepared the meal would announce what she made before leaving the table, Gertrude called out the dishes on the table.

"There's plantain porridge with smoked fish, fried plantain and tomato sauce with beef. There's also freshly made mango juice to help your digestion. Enjoy your breakfast please." She concluded and left the dinning area.

Amara served each person according to what they wanted. Claire went for the plantain porridge, savouring the taste of the meal not minding or even noticing the angry stares Micheal threw her way.
"Hmmm. This girls know what they're doing in the kitchen. They're good." Kelvin complimented
"You can say that again. Little wonder their pay is much too. The agency that got them for me are known in this state and beyond." Claire added mouthful.
Micheal, are you enjoying the meal?" Amara asked out of the blues
Micheal looked at her and they both locked stares. He was surprised cause ever since his wife's miscarriage, this was the first time she would talk to him with little emotion and respect
"Yes. Uhm, it's not bad after all." He answered, going back to his plantain and tomato sauce.
"So you see, there's always a first tine Mike." Kelvin added.
They finished their meal in silence and got ready to leave. Micheal would go with Kelvin while Amara and Claire would leave together.
"Bye honey, Gertrude packed your lunch box." Claire said, giving her husband a peck
"Baby, I still don't agree with ....."
"Let's go man. Leave the woman alone. She needs all the rest she can get now. Let's go"
Micheal pecked his wife on the forehead and walked out while Kelvin followed.
"Shall we leave now?" Amara asked.

"Yea. But I'll still have to come back to inspect the girls. The rest of my things are in my room already. I just asked them to clean the room and arrange my things in there."
"But sister, why are you moving out of your matrimonial room? Did you find......."
"The doctor asked me to quit some things for now. I wouldn't want to tempt my husband you know." Claire answered with a smile
She picked up her purse and car key
"Let's go."
Amara sighed and stood up. She can't tell her sister what she found out. It would break her the more
They left the house, with Claire teasing Amara about Kelvin.
"Can't wait to meet this mistress of yours." Kelvin said as they stepped out of the elevator.
"Respect please. Mistress is too raw a word." Micheal replied.
"I wonder what this lady looks like. You're defending her already huh?"
He brushed past Sarah, not knowing she was the one they were talking about. He muttered a sorry without looking back and made his entrance into Micheal's office.
Micheal had seen the way Kelvin had brushed past his hearthrob. He needed to introduce them but before he could finish admiring Sarah, he was already inside his office.
"Who's that?" Sarah asked
"Hey. Not even a good morning huh?"
"I'm sorry love but the way he walked, as if he owned this place."
"Oh! It's in his nature cause he was born with a silver spoon. Anyways, he's my best friend Kelvin. Come with me, I've told him a lot about you and he can't wait to meet you."
"Oh! Okay. Go on ahead. I'll join you two in a minute."
"Alright bae."
He looked around and when he didn't see anyone, he stole a kiss from her and walked to his office.
Oh wow! His best friend is more handsome, and with what he just said, must be more richer. I need to get him to notice me. Is he married? Oh my God. He has to notice me.
She looked herself over. She was clad in a denim jean, white singlet and a denim jacket. She was wearing a blue snicker and light make up. She went to her table, picked her handbag and ran to the restroom.
He just has to notice her!!!!

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