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2 Feb 2018


"Your office haven't changed much. Just the sofa and centre table." Kelvin said as soon as Micheal came into the office. He had already found a comfortable spot on Michael's executive chair, leaving the owner of the office to sit like a visitor

"Yea. Saw them in a showroom at Abuja, decided to buy them cause that's Claire favourite colour."

"Hnnmmm. Man, speaking of which, where is the lady that got you carried away? That you no ......."
"You bumped into her before you got here. I'm sure you weren't paying attention or I swear to God, you would have taken her on the spot."

"God forbid. You know me now. Any lady I pass without giving a second glance must either not be my type or too fake."
"Man just forget that thing. You'll......"

A knock came on the door and Sarah walked in. She had touched her face, sprayed her cologne and repacked her hair. She was bearing a tray containing beverages and mugs.

"Good morning Sir." She greeted Kelvin, giving Micheal a platonic smile
"Morning. What's that?" Kelvin asked, looking at the girl intently. How could she be wearing such heavy make up in an office environ? She looked like someone who was desperate for marriage and has resorted to make ups for solutions.

"Tea sir. I could make it with warm water or ice, depending on your choice." She said, dropping the tray on the table and standing between the two friends.

"Sarah dear, just serve us iced tea. You know how much I love them."

Sarah smiled and concentrated on mixing the tea, making sure her bosoms were directly stating at Kelvin through the top of her singlet.
"Uhm, Kelvin, meet my baby, Sarah. Honey, that's my best friend Kelvin." Micheal introduced as soon as she was done serving them.

Kelvin, who was already sipping his tea spilled it on himself as he tried to understand what his friend just said.
"Wow. She?"

That was the only words that could come out of his mouth.
"Yea. I knew you'd have that look, told you that you'll be stunned. Look at your face." Micheal said, breaking into a laugh.
"Wow." He looked at her again and felt like hitting his friend in the jaw.
"It's good to finally place a face behind the name
" He added
"Thank you sir. I'll have my leave now." She said, pretending to leave
"Come on baby, is it because my friend is here? Not even a morning kiss?"

Sarah blushed just as much as Kelvin wanted to punch both of them in the face.
"Come here baby."
She leaned in and gave him a quick kiss before catwalking out of the office.
"I told you ........"
"Shut the fu¢k up man. Is that it? Oh! I can't believe this." Kelvin said, hitting his fist on the table.
"What is the problem? Why are you angry all of a sudden?"
"Bro, I'm disappointed. Trust me, I am. Is that who you're cheating Claire with? That fake face, that bleached face? Did you look at her fingers? I'm sure her ¢unt must be bleached too. Fu¢k!" He thundered angrily.
"You're insulting my babe in front of me? You're simply saying all these because you want her. Keep dreaming man."
Kelvin laughed. A mockery laugh.
"You know what? Let's talk about something else. Talking about her makes me wanna go screw a black spotted white pig." He said, laughing Micheal to stupor.
Claire's phone rang out loud, interrupting her meeting with some customers who wanted to order clothes for their new boutique.
"Please excuse me." She said to her customers.
"Hi Phil."
"Hello beautiful one. How're you?"
"I'm fine, just a little busy."
"Where are you?"
"My plaza. Any problems?"
"Not really. Text me the address. I've got something for you."
"Phil come on, tell me already."
"Text me the address."
"Alright. See you soon."
She hung up, quickly grafted a text and sent to him. She returned to her customers who left after they had come to a mutual agreement.
Today can't get any better. Just because she was seen at the plaza, she's been getting calls and visits from prominent personnel, asking to make her their wardrobe manager.
She thanked God for giving her the grace. She would be whoever God has destined her to be and nobody can stop that.
Phil was in the plaza in 45minutes. He asked around and he was directed to Claire's office. He tapped on the door and her sweet voice ushered him in.
"Hi beautiful." He greeted, opening his arms for a hug and Claire fell into them.
"You're here sooner than I expected."
"And you're looking hotter than I imagined."
They both laughed and settled on the long sofa in the office.
"You run this place?"
"Yes my dear. By His grace."
"Wow. It's nice and beautiful."
'Thank you Phil. What do I offer you?"
He looked around and smacked his lips, then he looked at her mischievously.
"How about we go out for lunch? I want to give you a treat. But before then, close your eyes."
"Be a woman and close your eyes little girl."
"I'll spank you Phil. I'm not a little girl."
"Okay. My apologies big lady but please, close your eyes."
"Twenty seconds."
She closed her eyes and Phil dipped his hand into his pocket. He brought out a black bold choker that had her name inscribed in gold in front of it. He had ordered for it after they had met the second time and he saw her obsession for fashion.
It had cost him money but he had enough, more than enough not to allow his grandchildren work.
He wore it around her neck and tied the belts together.
"Do you have a mirror here?" He asked
"Do I open my eyes?"
"Silly girl. Mirror?"
"Its in my second drawer."
He walked to her table and opened the second drawer, picking out the flat mirror, he closed it back and went to her, placing the mirror in front of her.
"Open your eyes." He said emotionally
She slowly opened her eyes and her mouth dropped in awe. Tears came down like a spring water and she found herself in Phil's waiting arm.
Micheal had never bought her anything if not cars and plane tickets. He had never taken her to shop for her clothes or accessories. But he had always hammered to her about looking to impress, yet, he never cared to show her how.
Everything she know, she learnt from social medias and television
Now, someone she barely knew was giving her one of the things she loved most.
Slowly, he was winning her over. Her heart was telling her things but for now, all she wants to do is cry in his arms.
His ever available arms!!!!!!!!!!

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