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3 Feb 2018


"Phil, I'm grateful for
everything. I've not laughed
this much in ages." Claire
said as they drove out of the

"Anything for you pretty
face. I'm driving us to my
office now. I......." "No please, I wanna go home first. I'm having
some changes done in the house
so I want to see how the
girls are doing." "Alright pretty face. Do I
take you to the house?" "No dear. Just take me back
to the plaza so I'll go in my
car. Thanks a lot" "Hmmm. Okay then."

They drove the rest of the
way, arguing who would
take care of lunch the next
day. "Excuse me sir." Sarah said as kelvin walked past her "Yes?"
Micheal had gone into a long
meeting with his board of
directors and so, Kelvin had
to go to lunch alone. He
came in and now, the white
witch has shown her face.

"Do you need anything?" She
asked, flashing her 32 "Anything? Like what
exactly cause I just came
back from having lunch."

"Uhm. I could get you fruits
or wine to keep yourself
busy before Micheal comes
back." "Hmmm. How long will he
stay?" She looked at her expensive wrist watch, flexing her arm
so that Kelvin would see
that she had good taste. "Let's say two to three hours
tops." "Okay. A bottle of wine
would do." He said and
walked away. She smiled, going to her
table to make a call to the
bar. She ordered that
champagne be brought to
the last floor after which she
went to the restroom. As was her tradition, she
removed her bra and tied
her denim jacket to her
waist. She felt bad for
wearing a jean today. If only
she knew that a cute guy would be coming. Before she could get to her
table, the wine had been
delivered. She picked it and
went into the office where
Kelvin was going through
some paperworks. "It's here sir." She dropped
the bottle on the table and
went to the mini fridge
where she picked two
glasses. On a second
thought, she returned one. Things will happen in its
own time. He looked at her. If it was
another man, he would be
digging her by now but no,
he hated bleached skin. She
had a big ass, big bosoms
but not the natural skin colour to trip him. "Bring your glass too. Let's
keep each other company
now that the boss isn't
here." "Okay." She got out a second glass
and poured the wine then
sat opposite him, crossing
her legs like she had no
worries in the world. "So tell me, how long have
you two been sleeping
together?" Wow! So direct. She loved
this kinda man. One who
went straight to the point. "Uhm. For some days now." "Hmmm. And you're
satisfied, especially knowing
that he's married?" She smiled. He was
unknowingly going to where
she wanted him to go.
They'll talk. And he'll end up
strafing her right here, right
now. "I'm totally not. But what
can I do? He's caring and
he's been good to me a lot." "I know. Micheal is a
gentleman but ......" "Don't judge me please. If
only I can keep this heart of
mine from falling for a
married man. I don't like
what I'm doing because I
wouldn't want another woman stealing my man
from me. But please sir,
don't judge me." She cried,
dropping her glass on the
table. Such a drama Queen. Yuck!
Kelvin thought, stifling his
laughter. "No, I'm not judging you my
dear........" "You're not? Oh! Your wife is
so lucky to have you. You are
kind and you ain't judging
me." "Sarah, I'm nor married. And
hey, why should I judge you?
If Micheal is happy with you,
all I've got to do is support
him." "Thank you sir." "And please, call me Kelvin." She smiled,
stylishly cupping
her bosoms. Kelvin smiled.
He had noticed she had
removed her bra, he had
also seen the way she would
rub her hand against her melons. It was clear, she
was just made for sex. This
got a plan running in his
head. He was going to ruin
this bitch who wants to ruin
Claire and other married men. He would do this, to
save the marriage of his
best friend.

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