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3 Feb 2018


The meeting was taking
longer than he thought. His ere¢tion wasn't helping matters.

He needed his
special lunch but this
meeting won't let him. If not for the zeros involved,
he would have called it off and gone to attend to his b°ner.

"You're beautiful you know."
Kelvin said, feeling
disgusted but not showing it. Sarah's eyes lit up. How easy
it was to get men with her body assets.

"You've got all the
modalities I like." He
continued. "Sir, ..."

"Kelvin." "I'm sorry Kelvin. You
shouldn't be saying these
things to me." Oh! Such a drama Queen. He
hated her with each passing moment. But he had to do
this. For Claire "Why?" "Because I belong to your

"Bluff. Come off that honey."
He stood up and went to her,
placing his palm on her
thigh. "That you belong to
my friend doesn't mean you can't have me."

"What are you saying sir?" "Or, am I not up to your standards? I'm a handsome
young man and babe, I'm
single. Listen, I liked you the moment you walked through this door.
You're my dream woman and I......."

"No sir." She stood up. Wow. She didn't know it
would be too easy to step on his brakes. Such a cute man.

I'll be the luckiest woman on earth if I claim him as my own.

"I can't do that to Micheal.
He's been so good to me and
I can't do this to him. I......" Kelvin held her from behind
and kissed her neck. She
unknowingly let out a moan
which almost made Kelvin
push her away. He turned
her around and carried her to the table where he sat her down and
raised her white singlet, revealing her
proud melons. He had to
give her the credits. She
really had it big and firm. He lowered his head to the
ar°used n!pples and began
to suck on them.
She couldn't believe it. It
was happening live. He
found her charming enough to defile his best friend's
office. "Oh Kelvin." She moaned,
going to his belt. He had to stop this now
before she would start
wanting more. "So I heard he'll be with you
tonight. I'm jealous." He
breathed into her neck. She was damn ho®ny and
this talk wouldn't be
happening now. "We can shift. I can......" He left her and turned his
back on her. His manhood
was hard but he had to
endure it. He wouldn't want
Micheal catching them now.
He needed to bore a big hole in this bit©h. He needed to
have her at his mercy. He
needed to disgrace her and
oh yes, he would accomplish
all that. He turned back to her and
hugged her. "I can't let him see us in a
compromised position." "But I want you." "Not as much as I do baby."
He said, holding his hard
member for her to see. Hmmm. She liked what she saw.

"So what do we do now?" "You'll be patient honey. Let
him be with you tonight. We will talk after that."

"Promise?" "You've got me baby." He
brought out his wallet and
gave her his card. "Give me a call okay?" She nodded and dressed
herself before leaving the
office. He heaved a sigh and sat down. He would do this for
Claire, for Micheal and for
his future.

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