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5 Apr 2018


He had barely calmed his nerves and returned the glass Sarah used when Micheal came into the office.
"Hey man. You look like hell." Kelvin joked handing him his glass to drink from.

Micheal gulped down the drink and lowered himself on a chair.
"How did it go?"

"Outside the fact that it took too long, I bless God. We got the deal."
"Wow. Congrats man. You should call Claire and inform her." Kelvin said excitedly.

"I'll tell her tomorrow morning when I get home. At least, I've seen a good reason why I slept at the office." Micheal said with a wink.
"Are you being serious here? Why? For who? That fair witch? Come on Mike, this is not you. Where......."
"Kelvin you won't insult me because of Claire. You're forgetting that this is my life."

"The same way you're forgetting that Claire is your wife. A lot of men wish for women like her, yet, you......."

"Tell me you wish to have her. You know what? You can have her. But she won't last with you cause she's boring in bed." Micheal said with a smirk.
Kelvin got up, picked his jacket and walked out of the office. He was done talking sense to this dunce. Maybe when its been acted out, only then will he understand that no woman deserves what he's doing to Claire.

Thank God the white witch was around when he came out. He needed to make her believe him because he was sure Micheal would tell her everything that happened.
"You're going out?" Sarah asked with a smile

"Yes my love. I'm angry right now. I had a fight with your boss."
Sarah quickly started to check his body.
"Did he hurt you?"
"No, but I want you to trust me now. I'll do anything in my power to make you mine okay? Even if it means severing all ties with him."

Sarah smiled. It was clear this guy is mad over her. She too, wanted him because he was single and rich. She needs a man who'll be hers all alone.
"I trust you dear. But let me go with you."
He looked around and no one was close.
"No honey. You need to be with him tonight, let me take time to map out a plan."

Sarah nodded
"Don't forget to call me okay?"
"I will."
He left while she giggled like a child. She's found love.
Claire was satisfied with the job Gertrude and the girls did in her new room. This would be her place of comfort. She sat on the huge bed and looked around. She had promised her husband that she will only use this room the first two months after delivery but here she was. She wasn't even pregnant let alone.

She heaved a sigh and walked to the mini bar and got out a bottle of vodka. Her marriage was barely two years old and they were already having issues. She was successful oh yes but what's money without happiness.

She opened the bottle and sipped the hot liquid, opening her mouth to cool it off. If only her parents were here, they would have an advice or two for her. She sipped the drink again. If only all her friends were close, she would have a shoulder to cry on. She drank again, feeling a tingle in her breast and down region. Alcohol always turned her on, but it still made her go on a far journey, away from the earth. She drank again and belched. She looked around and when she saw an old picture of her and Micheal, the anger in her built up. She drank again. And again. And again, staring at the picture until it began to look double.

But she still drank again, and, more.
Amara had gotten a text from her sister. She won't be coming back to the plaza again. She quickly replied, telling her that she won't be coming home too. Her boyfriend had called her, asking her to come over. She also told her that she trust that Kelvin would not let Micheal misbehave while she was away.
She made sure that the text has been delivered before she relaxed, attending to the rest of the customers with the few employees.
Kelvin got a cab and asked the driver to take him to any cocktail bar around. Micheal was driving him nuts and he needed to restrategise. How can he possibly ask him to have Claire. Didn't he know what he was signing for when he decided to marry a virgin?

He grafted a text and sent to Claire. He would be home late so she shouldn't bother about dinner.
He touched his member. It's been long he strafed a kitten. Chief has kept him busy these past few weeks. He prayed to see a call girl at the bar who he would fu©k mercilessly. He would transfer his anger and frustration on her kitten. It's been so long

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