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6 Apr 2018


She walked into the house. Everywhere was dark. Nobody had bothered to turn on the lister. Maybe her sister and husband had a fight as usual. But that was not her problem anyways. She had seen her boyfriend with another girl. He didn't know she was going to come that early. She found her way to the stair, looking around to see if she would see any of the helpers.

She slowly made it to her room where she slumped on the bed and did what she had been waiting for. Cry
He walked in right after she did and went upstairs to the mini sitting room. He settled at the bar and continued his drinkfest. He had not seen any girl that he liked at the club. They were either skinny or flat chested. He had decided to come home and drink it off. He took the bottle Micheal had been drinking from the previous day and began to do justice to it.

They had gone on and on, pleasing their flesh in every corner of the flat. Micheal had never felt that way in his entire life. He didn't believe he could stay erected even after cuming twice. Sarah was the bomb. This was the spice he had been looking for his entire life.

She wasn't seeing Micheal. The man in her bed was Kelvin to her. He occupied her heart and everything she did was because she imagined it to be Kelvin. She was in love with this Kelvin guy and she was happy he felt same way for her.
"Baby!" Micheal called out

"Thank you for being with me despite my status. I love you so very much."

She closed her eyes and pretended to have fallen asleep. She couldn't wait for kelvin to finish hatching his plans so they would be together. So she would leave this married cheat who she was sure would be cheating on her if he finds someone more attractive.

He smiled and cuddled her. She had slept. She really deserves to rest because they had both worn themselves out. She was her baby after all and he would make her happiness his first choice.
He stood up and staggered to the hallway, pointing at the two doors, trying to recollect the one that belonged to him. He rolled his eyes and shook his head. Why wasn't he seeing clearly. He opened the door by his right and walked in, bolting it behind him.
She sat up and looked at him. He was so handsome.
"Kelvin, are you okay? Do you need anything?" She asked with concern.
He licked his lips, smacking them lustfully. He loved the sight before him. This one wasn't skinny. Her b••bs were big enough as he could see the pointed tips through the light singlet she was wearing. He began to walk to her
"Yea baby."
He shook his head again. Why does she look like somebody he knows? Girls from the bar were supposed to be on mask. But this face, this beautiful face looks so familiar to him.
She felt the wetness between her legs. No, this wasn't going to happen. What would people say? Why was he coming to her with that look.

"Kelvin. What are you doing here?"
"Same thing you're doing here." He said removing his shirt and tie
"Kelvin I'm........"

"What? Don't give me that look baby. I see it in your eyes. You're hot for me just the same way I'm hot for you. You've got the food I eat so shut up and str!p." He said, clutching his tie
"What? Kelvin....."

A slap landed on her face and she fell to the bed. He pulled his belt and held it in his left hand.

"You've got scarves in here right? Get them. Don't complain because when you get a cheque in the morning, you won't mind the bruises, trust me. Two scarves."
"Kelvin stop this nonsense. I......"
He fell on her and she shrieked in pain. He sat on her thigh and lowered his face to meet hers.

"You look like someone I know. That's why I'm being lenient here."
He tore her singlet and fed his eyes with her beautiful mounds.
"Hmmm. They're nice and firm. Just the way I like it."

He lowered his mouth to the left n!pple and sucked, making her release a moan.
He smiled.

"You're naughty after all."
He placed her properly on the bed and tied her hands to the bed post using his tie. He looked at her and hissed, then tore of the gstring she was putting on.
"Silly girl."

He went to her wardrobe and threw them open, he didn't search for long. She was a neat woman, she kept everything arranged and organised.
She watched him. A part of her was scared but the other part was adventurous and hot. She had read about this things online and now, it was happening to her, from the last person she expected it from, despite the fact that he........... .
She watched him approach her with two scarves.
"Spread eagle." He ordered
"Huh? Kelvin please......"
He lashed at her with his belt and she let out a scream.
"You shut up and do as you're told. Spread those legs $lut."

She spread her legs reluctantly while the tears fell from her eyes.
He went to her and buried his face in her glory hole. She was neatly shaved and dripping wet too. He lapped away, savouring her strawberry taste. He let his tongue into her hole and she moaned. He slipped in a finger and she began to gyrate her hip.

He stood up and licked his lips before tying her legs seperately to the sides of the bed.

She was beginning to enjoy this. The place where the belt has landed just on her thigh hurt but his mouth action already made it feel better.
She watched him pull off his trouser and pants. She gasped in shock. This was the biggest she had seen. How many has she seen anyways? She watched as he stroked his meat. She had never seen a d!ck as big as that. But she anticipated it.
He walked to her and began to caress her thighs. He rubbed the spot where he had hit her with his belt.

"I'm sorry for hitting you. You were proving stubborn."
Why was he talking? She was hot and needed this meat in her kitten.
"I'll make the pain go away. I'll fu©k you till you scream down this house with my name."
In as much as she wanted that, she prayed she doesn't. Her sister would hear and this would cause a lot of problems.
He arranged himself and they were in the 69 position.
"My balls baby."
They were huge but she took them into her mouth and he groaned. He began to do justice to her kitten, using his teeth to graze her cl!t gently. He would insert a finger while he sucked on her glory hole. This feeling was heavenly. He never did any of these with her.
He quickly stood up and without warning, rammed his armoured car into her village(lol). She screamed both in pain and ecstacy. He paused for a while before he began his wild journey. He never fu©ks a wh•re with love. But it was clear, she was loving this.
"Oh Kelvin. Yes yes. Yes."
Her moans filled the room, sounding like music in his ear.
"Oh my God I'm cummming."

He pulled out of her and slapped her face. This sent shudders down her spine and she began to shake. He raised his belt and started flogging her but it didn't stop her. She began to squirt, calling the name of the man she loved so much, the man who had hurt her beyond measures.
He loosed her bounds and turned her on all fours, forcing both the tie and scarves into her mouth as a gag tool.

He pushed into her without warning yet again and she moaned into the gag. He smiled.
He began to thrust into her, occasionally [email protected] her cute bu++s. He would pull out and she would turn back to him with apologies in her eyes.
He loved it when they begged him but this woman was different. She broke his rule and so, he would torture her. She came without begging for it. No wh•re breaks his rule.
He would thrust in again, rotate his hips and remain in motion. She couldn't take that so she pulled herself out and made to run to the bathroom but he was faster. He threw her back on the bed and hit her face.
"You're my s|ut and I'll do whatever I want with you."
He opened her legs wide and thrust into her, then raised her legs to his shoulders. He began to grind again and this time, she ground with him, causing him to grunt in pleasure.
"Damn! You're good."
She took that as a good compliment and continued. She looked at his face and saw the gentle man she had known. He was coming back to himself and it was a good sign.
She pushed him off her and when he tried to hit her, she lowered him on the bed and sat on his erect!on.
"Damn." He cursed.

She removed her gag and began to ride him. This was heavenly. She closed her eyes to the world, to the pains all over her body and to the feeling that this was Kelvin she was screwing.
The slapping sounds of their body filled the room and their ecstasies rose to the peak.
"poo!" Kelvin cursed
"Cum with me Kel. Cum with me and fill me with your seeds."
Both of their moans filled the room. She came first, reducing her tempo. He turned her around again and began to thrust. Five thrusts more and he was cuming, filling her hole his seeds and shaking like someone who had caught a flu.
Just when she thought it was over, she heard the name that left his lips, CLAIRE!

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