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7 Apr 2018


Clair woke up with a heavy bang on her head and body pains. She had found herself on the floor with an empty bottle of vodka. She hissed and drew her cupboard for pain killers. She won't be able to go to the plaza today. She looked at the wall clock and it was just 6;28am. She needed something hot and she hoped Gertrude and the girls were already up.

"Good morning madam." One of the helpers greeted as soon as she came down.

"Morning my dear. Where's Gertrude?" She stifled a yawn
"In the kitchen madam."

Claire nodded and matched to the kitchen. She felt like throwing up her entire system. She ran back to her room, closing the door with a loud bang.

He woke up. Who could be banging the door so early this morning. He looked around and felt lost. Pink and white wall, teddy bears around, feminine smell and Jesus Lord, he was [email protected] He looked at the figure lying beside him and he almost screamed. Amara.

Memories of last night came rushing to his head and he hated himself. Her face was swollen, like someone who escaped jungle justice. How would he explain this to Claire and Micheal?

He began to dress up, picking his properties from different corners of the room. He looked at her one more time, checked her temperature and slipped out of the room. She was running a fever.
She felt someone touch her neck. He was awake already. She watched him leave through the corner of her eyes and her eyes turned misty. Last night had been great. He was a good man who loved trying out new things and so was she. But why? Wasn't she good enough? He had told her she has a nice body, so why would he mention someone else's name when he reached his climax? It meant one thing, he was either crushing on her or they both are having an affair. She was beginning to like him but he didn't feel anything for her, he had her sister in mind, he was in love with her sister.

She won't take that. Her boyfriend had cheated on her after everything she had done for him. Now, her sister wants to cheat her too? She won't let that happen. If she won't have Kelvin, none of them will.
Gertrude rang the intercom, inviting everyone for breakfast. Micheal was not back yet.

Amara and Kelvin were the first to come down. She had showered and changed into a bum short and basket ball singlet. Kelvin couldn't look at her in response to her greeting.

A short while after they came down, Claire joined them. She was shocked to see her sister in that condition.
"Jesus, Amara what happened to you? Who did this to you?" Claire asked going to her sister
"My boyfriend, I mean, my ex boyfriend."

Both Claire and Kelvin were shocked.
"Is he crazy or something? He just messed with the wrong girl. I'll make sure he rots in prison for a very long time."

She started dialling the commissioner's number. Amara expected that. She won't let her ex go Scot free. He had been surviving through her. His apartment, his feeding and clothing allowance all came from her. He would pay for cheating on her and allowing that call girl slap her.

"Yes please, send your boys to the house please." She heard her sister say.
Claire ended the call and turned to her sister.

"Tell me, what did you do? Did you cheat on him? Did you say anything?"
Imagine! A cheat asking me if I cheat too. What a funny world, Amara thought.

"Check your phone. I sent you a text telling you I would be going to his place. Only to get there to see him with this wretched excuse of a girl. She slapped me and when I retaliated, they did this to me." She said, throwing a glance at Kelvin who was still tongue tied
"He won't know what hit him. Have breakfast okay?"

Amara nodded and began to mix cornflakes in a bowl.
"Good morning Kelvin. You see what you men do to us eh?" Claire said, sitting beside her sister
"Morning Claire. But, don't you think this guy acted out because he was drunk? Calling the police on him won't change........"

"Any man that does this to a woman, drunk or consciously doesn't deserve mercy. Look at my sister's face."

Amara shot both of them heavy glances, she picked her bowl and excused herself. She couldn't stand the pretence. They should look for a two year old to pretend to.
"She's shaken by it. Men eh. What would you have?"

Kelvin weighed his options and settled for cornflakes. They ate in silence. Kelvin knew he had messed up and someone else was going to pay for his own crimes. He needed to speak with Amara before the police gets here.

"I'll be upstairs." Claire said, interrupting his thoughts.
"You won't visit the plaza?"
"No. I'm not too strong myself. But just let me know if you need anything and you're friend isn't back yet."

Kelvin nodded and watched her leave. She was filled with grace and elegance. What other men needed, Micheal had it in abundance and still has the guts to cheat. He shook his head and continued eating distractedly, thinking of the best way to approach the issue at hand.
"I knew you would come." Amara said, bolting her door
They faced each other, it was moment of truth.

"I'm sorry for last night. I don't recall all that happened but believe me, I'm sorry."

"You don't remember calling my sister's name when you were cumming?"
Her words hit Kelvin hard.
"poo" he cursed
"So I need answers. What are you both up to? Same thing Micheal and his secretary are doing?"

"I know Kelvin so tell me."
"Amara, your sister is a nice woman and I can't bring myself to defile her home. I don't have anything sexual to do with her. Outside what you see from the surface, there's nothing inside."

"Then why call her name? We were doing so well Kelvin. You were touching places no one has touched, I felt a connection with you, tell me."
He held her but she pushed him off.
"Amara, I won't lie to you......."
"You're lying. Why her name? I was the one who took the beatings from you, the lashes, tell me why she would be in your thoughts?"

"Because I see her as my goddess. She's my goddess Amara that is why I respect her so much, that is why she's always in my thought. I'm sorry Amara, for last night. I also felt that bond between us but now, I don't know anymore. Think again about what you said about your boyfriend. Don't let your heart mislead you because you're hurting. Excuse me please."
"Wait Kelvin."

He paused in his track and turned to her.
"I'll ask my sister not to involve the police if you'll take me again this morning."

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